Text Message Marketing Ideas for Spas

text message marketing spas

3 New Text Message Marketing Ideas for Spas

Need to spice up your text message marketing ideas for your spa? Here are 3 new ways to do it.

Without further ado:


1. Hold a contest that will entice people to opt-in

 Free whole-body massage for 4? Anything that doesn’t come with a price tag is attractive!

You might want to hold a raffle or some give-away contest. Prepare the mechanics and let them know how many winners will be selected.

Make an announcement via social media or any other channels that you will be holding a raffle next week. But to become eligible for it, people must fill-out an opt-in form and agree to receive text alerts from you.

Once they are in, schedule regular text updates about your services and events. Don’t forget to announce the winner(s), though!


2. Offer random discounts any day of the week

Surprise your customers by offering 10% discount on your salon and spa services. Create immediacy by telling them that your discount code expires within three days.

The keyword here is “immediacy” so it’s best to use text message marketing to reach as many interested customers as possible.

“Take a breather and find relaxation @NYwellness&Spa. Here’s a 12% discount on our Thai massage service to get you started: 4TGogbD9. Expires 02/19”


3. Allow customers to send their feedback via SMS

Hearing comments and suggestions from your customers is an effective way to learn what kind of customer service they want. Make them feel special by listening to what they have to say and address the issues as soon as you can.

“Hi Jess, help us provide you with the best service possible by sending your comment, feedback or suggestion to 545454. Thank you!”

 This gives you room not only for their continued support but also for your continued improvement.

With these text message marketing ideas, you might as well start working on your SMS calendar now and drum up more customers.




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