Text Message Marketing Software


Though simple, a text message marketing software has a lot of uses and benefits that are proven effective in boosting not only client interaction but also internal communication. Banks can now easily send important notifications, SMS alert, and auto-responders to its clients in real-time.

To give you some more ideas on how you can use text messaging to improve client engagement, read on.

Offer Convenience

Banking clients no longer have to dial up the contact center’s number and wait for minutes for simple inquiries like account balance and fund transfer status. They can just type in the assigned keyword for the type of inquiry on their mobile phones and send it to the assigned short code.

In short, with text message marketing software, banks are able to streamline tasks that otherwise would have taken some time and effort if done manually.

Push notifications

If banks have a push notification system, clients would be alerted every time they withdraw a large amount of money from their bank account.

For this to work though, your clients will have to enable an ATM withdrawal alert through an online banking facility. Next, let them set the amount that will prompt the bank to send a push notification whenever the said amount was withdrawn.

Other uses of push notifications include reports on unsuccessful auto-debit transactions, two-way verifications, and check payments.

Text Promos

For every client, specifically credit card users, there’s a certain program to be offered. Examples include balance transfer, straight payment conversion to installment, low interest on personal loans, pre-approved credit cards, and so on.

Banks can make this easy by sending out text promos and let the client request for a callback.

“Need cash for travel? We offer 0.50% interest on cash loans from 6/20 to 7/20. Call 123045 to apply now!”

In summary, a text message marketing software is an efficient way for banks to provide convenience to their clients. It will help them ensure banking security and product promotions that are essential in building long-term business relationships.

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