Text Message Marketing for restaurants

text message marketing for restaurants

How to incorporate birthday greetings into your text message marketing campaigns for restaurants

Greet a loyal customer on his birthday? Offer a free dessert? A birthday discount maybe? These are just some of the thoughtful ways that you can do to make your customer feel special on his big day, which only happens once a year. So what better way to reach them than via SMS?

Text Message Marketing can help you get your message across on time. Like social networks, where a single post can reach a wide number of audiences, sending bulk SMS can also give you the same result without breaking a sweat (and the bank).

What’s even better is that 90% of 292 million cellphone users in the US read their messages within a few seconds! It is safe to assume that your customers will be able to read your SMS first rather than check out the newest Facebook post.


Make a customer’s birthday more exciting

Now, say you have decided to give this strategy a go, what’s next?

Running a food & beverage business, it is always a good idea to let your customers know that you do think of them during a special occasion in their lives. Text Message Marketing providers allow you to stay organized throughout your campaign. You can always go over your calendar to verify the upcoming events and prepare a specific plan to approach it.

For example, a simple greeting will make your loyal customers say “Aww!”, but to complement it with a friendly discount will surely have themselves be on their way to your restaurant if done correctly.

In mobile SMS marketing, brevity is key! Like the example above, your text message should be clear and concise, it should offer something of value to the customer and should have a strong call-to-action. It also pays to send the message when your customers are most active during the day. Nobody would like to receive an exclusive offer late at night, right?

Apart from birthday discounts, you might also want to consider the following ideas:

  • Assign your top chef to prepare the celebrant’s meal
  • Give a free dessert on the spot
  • Offer free membership to your loyalty rewards program
  • Have a certain meal named after the celebrant throughout his birthday week


Text Message Marketing is an effective way to keep your customers in the know about your latest deals, establish trust and loyalty, and to get you more reservations and orders. Sign up and upload your opt-in list, divide your recipients into groups accordingly, design your strategy, create a text message, and hit send!