Text Message Blast

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Text Message Blast: reach your customers simultaneously

Want to send a text message blast out to a group of customers simultaneously? Text blast marketing is one way to do it. Whether your goal is to raise brand awareness or influence customers to take action, sending a text message blast to multiple people at once will help you reach that in seconds. Thanks to its 95% open rate, you’ve got higher chances of converting these quality leads into sales via text blast marketing than you would have via email.

If you want to learn how to send a text message blast to boost your marketing efforts, follow these simple steps.


Build a contact list 

Before you can send out a text message blast, you will need a contact list first. It’s unethical to just text people who have not agreed to receive SMS from you, so don’t start your campaign off on the wrong foot.

Instead, ask your previous and new customers to subscribe to your text promo alerts. Start with promoting your text-to-join keyword campaign across all platforms available.

For this campaign though, you will need a keyword and a mobile short code (e.g. Text “JOIN” to 123455) that interested customers can use to join your contact list. It is also recommended to create an automatic “Thank You” reply to confirm that they’ve been added to your list.


Create personable text messages

This shouldn’t be hard if you know your customers enough; products or services they like, frequency of text blast per week, type of promos they’ll redeem, etc.

While you may have various reasons for sending out a text blast, the rule is simple – let your customers know that they are special through your valuable offers. Of course, don’t forget your call to action phrases that must be straight to the point.


Build relationships through conversations

Develop customer loyalty through conversations like asking for their feedback, sharing the latest about your business, and making recommendations (based on products they’ve previously bought or liked).

It’s important to remember that customers you have built long-term relationships with can make 50% bigger purchases than those you have not established a relationship with.

So, automation is not the be-all-end-all of SMS marketing. The premise of it all is to establish a better communication channel between you and your customers. And having them communicate with you is a privilege already.