Text Message Advertisement can increase engagement and sales

Text Message Advertisement

Talk about McDonald’s, KFC, Amazon, and other brands doing well, you cannot take away the impact text message has had on them. Text messaging has been an effective tool of advertisement with more progress. Let me take you on a short journey of what a text message advertisement is, how effective text messaging could be and how ExpressText is the solution.

What is Text Message Advertisement?

Text message advertisement refers to the use of text messages to create awareness and reach customers. The essence of this is to ensure that customers are kept up-to-date about needful information of the brand. However, to carry this out effectively such that you can see the right result, there is a need to work with the right company. With ExpressText, you can calm your nerves and let them do the job for you. Make ExpressText your text message platform and move onto the next business. Are you a small business, a growing one or a large business? ExpressText attends to your needs with its pocket-friendly services while it offers the best of services. Just check out the website and register today to get the ball rolling.

Benefits of Text Message Advertisement

With ExpressText, you can be sure that your business will enjoy many benefits. For example, there is a ton of features that comes when you sign up. Let us take you through a few.


Using text messaging as your means of advertisement implies that you can be rest assured that at least 98% of the recipients will receive your message. This is very rare in any other form of advertisement.


 Do you know that while you are reading this content, studies show that Americans have sent at least 208,000 text messages. This is a great statistic which shows the potential reach you can have on a daily basis if you build a subscriber list and start texting.


Some form of advertising has been known for its high cost. At the end of the day, if one considers the amount spent on some advertisement campaigns and the profit made, one might not be totally pleased with the total amount especially if the stress is included too. However, with the low cost of text messaging, profit is not a concern anymore. Texting only requires pennies while you have the rest of the money to yourself.


There is no technicality involved with how the messages are designed. ExpressText makes it simpler because professionals are in control of their account. Text messaging is a very effective form of advertisement because it requires the permission of the customer to be involved in it. It is pertinent that before any customer receives a marketing text message, the customer must have subscribed to the service by opting in. This means that any customer that receives the text message ad campaign launched by a business is already interested in what the business has to say.

Stats That May Impress You

Social media marketing and inbound marketing are the other channels of marketing which has emerged in recent days. Nevertheless, they do not stand a chance to withstand the success rate of text message advertisement. Over the years, text advertisements have continued to perform better than other marketing channels.

A research body carried out a study on how different channels of advertisement have been coping in recent years and their success rates. The study shows that only 12% Facebook posts are read, 21% of emails are read and 29% of tweets also are read. This is unfair as compared with the amazing 98% readability level of text messaging. As if that was not enough, it boasts of 90% read rate within three minutes after the message has been sent. A further study shows that when coupons are sent to customers via text, they are used 8x than those sent via emails. This is additional evidence to show how effective the use of text message advertising is.

Getting started with Text Message Advertisement

Getting started with text advertisements is not as difficult as many think. They are just two processes involved which are very simple ones. The two processes are:

  • Have access to a bulk text messaging platform
  • Compile a subscribed contact list that will be the recipient of your messages.

To have access to a bulk text messaging platform is very simple. All you need to do is to subscribe to ExpressText, a platform provider. You can use their services to send your text messages to your already compiled list. Also, it is very possible that you do not have a contact list already. Well, it is not something very difficult. You can contact the agents at ExpressText. They will put you through on how to go about having a contact list.

Grow a list using text to join

After you have signed up to ExpressText, you will get access to a shared shortcode which you can use to send your text messages and build a contact list. Keywords, groups, and text to join are texting features used to help you collect your customer’s phone number by having them personally subscribe to your list. For example, you can ask your customers or even potential customers interested in your business to text the word, “DEAL” to 545454 to receive 15% off their next order. Any customer that follows these steps and sends the keyword “DEAL” to 545454 will successfully subscribe to your text message list. Which will allow you to text those customers in the future all at the same time about new products, sales, and special discounts. With time, it is expected that your database will continue to grow.

Targeted groups

You can start segmenting them into groups based on their interests in products and or discounts. With this approach, you will be able to send customized text messages. The advantage here is this approach will help minimize your marketing costs while increasing profits. In addition to that, it ensures more engagement and participation from your customers because the messages are relevant to them and they can relate to the messages.

How to Send a Text Message

Since you already have your access to mass text messaging platform, you also have your contact list meant to receive your messages as adverts, the next thing is to log in into the platform, upload the group of customers you want to send a message to, carefully compose the message you want to send and finally, click send.


It is very important for you to monitor how successful your mobile campaign is via bulk text messaging platform. You will be able to see reports and the data involved. Reports include delivery rate, open rates and how the spikes are engaged. You do not have to sit by your PC all day but with a mobile phone connected to the internet, you can access the replies to the text messages because the platform keeps an account of that.

Scheduling text messages

An important feature which ExpressText offers is the ability to send scheduled messages. Schedule messages are assigned to be sent at a particular time when the text messages are known to have the greatest impact. In addition, rather than going through the entire hassle of composing a message you sent before, you can save your time by saving such messages as templates for subsequent ones. These templates can be very useful for future mobile marketing campaign. You can include Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) files to the different messages you send rather than just sending them plain texts. This improves the impact the text messages will have.

How to generate engagement in a text message campaign

Successful content does not necessarily have to contain a sales message. One must also pay attention to engagement numbers and sales conversion. Using polls is an effective way to generate engagement for text messages campaigns. The essence of a poll is to give businesses insight into what customers want.

There is a greater number of response rate from text messages compared to email. Statistics say it is about 8x more with text marketing than using email marketing.

You can also classify your customers into different segments based on what they want. This will make you able to send them more personalized and targeted messages in the future.

Other uses of text message advertising

It will surprise you now that the use of mobile advertising is not peculiar to only businesses now. Churches, schools and even political groups now use text messages to support their courses. This idea has recorded great success rate building connections, soliciting for funds and grants, and getting people to support them. For example, in the election that elected the former president of America, Barack Obama, the use of text messaging as a medium for a campaign cannot be overemphasized. This has been effective because of its intimacy and immediacy. Many other organizations have found it useful as a way to update people about weather conditions or emergencies.


Political parties have been able to use this technology to gain more supporters to come vote them on election day and to get feedback on policy decisions, schools have used it to pass information to parents and guardians about important information concerning their children and wards, maybe as regards reports, opinions, or send them permission slips and churches also to increase their attendance in Sunday meetings. In addition to this, there are other usages that are not retail. They include;

Examples of texts you can send

  • To inform customers about the availability of a product they have shown interest in or a fall in the price of the products.
  • Pass important information to employees.
  • Update fans with the latest news or keep them up-to-date with the latest scores.
  • Inform buyers about a new property they may like.

These are just a few of the many practical use of text message advertisements or mobile marketing as the case may be. The practical uses are well beyond limit.

Important rules you need to know about Text Message Advertising

There are many important rules about text message which one must employ so that there would be no reason for spamming and also guide personal privacy. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), there are rules that guide and govern how one should compile the customer database, indicates how compulsory it is to include the opt out option for customers so that they can unsubscribe whenever they want to, and also how to regulate the rate at which the messages are to be sent to the customers.

Code of conduct

Another set of rules you should be familiar with is Mobile Marketing Association’s Code of Conduct. This does not mean you will use the bulk message campaign to send messages or run using a mobile marketing campaign. The code of conduct has put into consideration Yahoo, Verizon, and Microsoft. They contain guidelines for text messages which protects personal privacy so that they can prevent the need for any other regulation.


Another rule that one is subjected to is that of Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) in order to be involved in text message marketing campaign. The CTIA rules have been improved by telephone companies such that the companies that deliver text message advertisement and govern not allowed content such as hate speech, profanity and pornography. Also, CTIA is against any text messages campaign that approves illegal drug use, violence and fight.

What is text message advertisement?

Text message or SMS advertisement is a type of marketing that allows businesses to create awareness and reach their customers directly on their mobile devices via text and multimedia (MMS) messages.

What are the benefits of text message advertisement?

Using text messages for advertisement provides very high engagement rates, often 98% or higher, the huge reach of mobile messaging (just about everyone has a cell phone in their pocket), as well as the technical simplicity and ease of use of text marketing services like Express Text.

How do you get started with text message advertisement?

All you have to do to get started with text marketing campaigns for your business is to sign up with a service like Express Text for sending mass SMS messages, then start collecting mobile numbers from your customers!

What are some examples of text message advertisement messages?

There are many ways to get creative with text advertisement, but some of the best include offering special coupon codes and discounts to new and existing customers via SMS messages. You can also announce special events, in-store promotions, or provide updates about your business.