Text Marketing Software: 4 helpful features your texting system should have


Can’t make up your mind on which text marketing software to use?

Choosing your first software is like shopping for new clothes. Just when you think you’ve got all you need with one product, a better one comes along.

However, everything boils down to which software has the features (and benefits) that can help you achieve your SMS marketing goals.

If you want to gain a better understanding of how each feature works, here are some ideas:


1. Campaign Management System

Is the platform easy to use? Does it have all the sections you need to launch your campaign? Can you navigate through the panel with little to no hassle?

A user-friendly campaign management system should allow you to import your subscribers and create as many subscriber lists as possible and divide it into groups.

Meanwhile, other text marketing software features you should be able to use can include but not limited to the following:

  • Opt-out system
  • Automate responses
  • Schedule text messages
  • Personalize your content

2. Link shortener tool

This is a great feature that can give you a competitive edge. Not only will you be able to shorten your URLs but also track and analyze the data collected for every click made. The results will show you which messages worked best in generating clicks and which didn’t.

3. Reporting & Tracking


Marketing is data-driven, so it’s important to choose a SMS marketing software that gives relevant data such as follows:

  • Redemption rates
  • Click-through-rates
  • Conversion rates

Interpret data to determine if you have reached any of your goals. If you missed something, make some adjustments as necessary.

4. Customer Support

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, technical problems are part of the game that having a customer support by your side can save you from trouble. A full-service SMS marketing provider should be available to customers via phone, email, or live chat.

There you have it!

Now, go over your requirements again and pick the right text marketing software!