Text Marketing For Food Trucks

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Text Marketing: Proximity Marketing and Geofencing for Food Trucks

Food trucks are always on the move and customers come and go. If customers don’t have a way of knowing where you are, they won’t come to you and that means losing your chance to earn their trust and loyalty.

But with the advent of text marketing, food trucks now have a better way of informing their customers about the next location. What’s even better is you can complement it with other strategies like geofencing and proximity marketing.

Want to make the most of your SMS marketing campaigns? Read on.


SMS geofencing and proximity marketing

First things first: You cannot use geofencing if your customers did not agree to share their location with you.

Remember that “Allow [this app] to access your location?” banner that pops up in your phone screen when you’re using an app?

That’s basically how to ask permission on mobile devices. Geofencing allows you to locate customers via GPS or geotagging whenever they’re nearby. Once detected, you can automatically send them alerts like specials or one-time offers.

On the other hand, if you have an app but want to use text marketing, here’s one way to ask for your recipient’s permission.

Received: “To share your location with Subs on the Go to receive SMS text offers sent to your phone, reply YES. Text STOP to opt-out. Msg and data rates may apply.”

Sent: “YES”

Received: “You have successfully enabled Subs on the Go location-based SMS text offers. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, proximity marketing makes use of Bluetooth and SMS Cell Broadcast to send “push notifications” when a customer happens to be within reach of the broadcast area. According to MarTech, the use of this technology doesn’t really require permission from recipients so it’s popularity among marketers is debatable.

So what if you don’t have an app for your business, how can you get someone’s permission?

If you can’t do geofencing because of limited app resources, it’s safer to just send your customers text alerts whenever you are in town.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that your customers won’t get annoyed by your numerous text marketing alerts. Receiving location-based SMS text offers may even sound creepy to them, so limit your messages to four times a month.