Text Marketing – Café’s & Coffee Shops 

4 Best Practices for using Text Marketing for Café’s & Coffee Shops 

Remember the times when you have anxiously waited for a customer’s response to your “today only” offer through email? Times have changed now!

Text marketing is almost instant that a recipient reads and opens a message within a few seconds. However, a high open rate of 98% doesn’t necessarily translate into sales because your efforts must go beyond sending out text blasts.

Here are the 4 best practices to guide you through your SMS journey.


Don’t be pushy

You don’t want to be a constant annoyance to your new customers.

If your goal is to reach a wider customer base, know that some people see text messaging at a personal level. Thus, to receive unsolicited SMS can turn them off.

Review your SMS analytics to see your opt-out rates. Find out how many messages over the month did it take for the customers to opt-out.

It’s also advisable to perform A/B testing through your SMS marketing platform to see which of the two text messages customers will respond to or ignore. A/B testing can help you determine which customers prefer to get fewer SMS updates from you.


Keep it classy

Cafes and coffee shops are the best place for chats and meetings. However, this doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be too personal with your customers through text marketing.

It’s not like you’re texting customers to generate leads but rather engaging them to stay loyal to your brand. This is where offering them anniversary discounts, inviting them to events or other exclusive deals would make sense. And these things only happen once in a while, right?

Keep your lines open for their inquiries but never assume that they won’t hate you for sending too many text messages weekly.


Response time within 24 hours

 When you use SMS marketing, make sure that you have someone to reply to customer inquiries by phone.

Keep your response time under eight hours as much as possible. A delayed response is an automatic downvote against your cafe’s popularity and reputation.


Don’t spam!

One: it’s unethical. Two: your customers will hate your brand.

Spamming with your text marketing is not worth it at all. You could get banned by mobile phone carriers, jeopardizing the promising future of your business.

It pays to put yourself into your customer’s shoes before blasting them out with text messages. Limit what you are sending them to a few times a month and keep it professional.


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