Text from a Computer

Unlike mobile phones, texting from a computer has its own perks. 

Firstly because it is convenient as typing on a computer isn’t as laborious when compared to cell phones.

And secondly, because texting is pocket-friendly and is considered as the fastest medium of communication at the same time. 

There is no denying that big keyboards are more comfortable and user-friendly when it comes to typing long texts! 

However, a few ways can help you change your computer into your SMS messenger and send out texts with relatively much convenience. 

It’s high time you bid farewell to the conventional messaging methods and shift to online texting for keeping your business marketing more strategic and systematic. 

Sending text from a computer allows you to keep all your business information central at a single platform. 

It can be sent in different ways. This article is an ultimate guide on how to send a text message from a computer. 

This will surely help and make your life so much easier! 

Text through email

Sending an SMS text through email is pretty simple. You just need to have an email address and you are good to go!

The SMS you will send generally has a character limitation i.e it can only contain up to 160 characters as SMS is a brief message.

So you need to keep it as short and precise as possible. 

Here are a few steps you need to follow in order to send a text from a computer via email:

  • Open a new email
  • Add your recipient’s mobile number in the box where you enter the recipient’s details, followed by your service carrier domain. Remember that carrier-domain varies for SMS and MMS respectively.
  • Type your message and send it.
  • Your recipient will get it on the phone in the form of a regular SMS while the reply you get back will appear in your mailbox. 

For instance, to send a text message to cell phone 12345678, enter [email protected]

Don’t know the domain name of your recipient’s phone company? Don’t worry we have a solution for that as well! 

You can go to CarrierLookup or TextMagic and enter the phone number to find out the domain code easily. 

Here are the domain codes of some of the most popular network carriers: 


SMS domain code: Phone [email protected] 

MMS domain code: Phone [email protected] 


SMS domain code: Phone [email protected]

MMS domain code: Phone [email protected] 


SMS domain code: Phone [email protected] 

MMS domain code: Phone [email protected] 

The picture below will give you a better understanding of how it works! 

Avoid making the text too long as there is character restriction so the longer email will break up into multiple text messages and sent individually. 

Consequently, this means that you will be charged per text message separately. 

Google voice

Text from a computer is possible through using Google Voice as well. 

In this case, you don’t necessarily have to know your recipient’s carrier. 

This software gives you the option to choose a brand new number, free of charge or else you can also use your existing mobile number.

This only requires you to search for voice.google.com and open the tab for messages. Add the relevant details and send a message right away.

Google Voice also lets you schedule text messages in advance to be sent later at another particular time!

Text through iMessage

iMessages encompass texts, videos, or photos that you can send from one Apple product to another including iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod touch over wi-fi or cellular data networks. 

This is an inbuilt message feature in all Apple devices. 

Regardless of the device type you are using, simply open up the Messages app, type in your recipient’s phone number or Apple ID and you’ll be able to write your message and send it off. 

As long as the iMac you are using is set up to receive texts from both your Apple ID and phone number, you should be able to text to both iPhones and other kinds of phones through the iMessage app easily. 
If iMessage doesn’t work try enabling iMessage in settings, restarting your Mac and updating your OS

And if you have an iPhone, you can send texts to other iPhones using the iMessage app. 

All you need to do is sign in the respective iCloud accounts on both devices. 

iCloud login will allow you to text other iPhones and Android users.

Web-based texting

If you type in SMS websites as a query on the web search engine, the results will show multiple free and unlimited SMS websites that will let you text internationally. 

All such websites are accessible from laptops, PC, or even mobile devices. 

You can easily get started by signing up with an appropriate web-based SMS platform like Expresstext and choose a monthly payment plan. 

This solution allows SMS to be used for customer support, recruiting, sales, and more. 

Business SMS messaging also helps to keep the processes and internal communications simple. 

text from a computer being sent

Benefits of using text messages for business

Here are a few benefits of sending a text from a computer from a marketing perspective and for uplifting your brand’s image. 

Direct channel of communication

One of the greatest benefits of using text messaging as a part of your marketing plan is that it is a direct and immediate channel of communication. 

Today the dissemination of information has become easier with the growth of the digital marketing era. 

Generally, the open rate of text messages stands at 98%, while 95% of them are read and responded to right away within 3 minutes of receiving. 

However, sending a text from a computer makes it even more controllable for you to manage your text message campaign while allowing you to send bulk messages to your potential customers!

You can certainly use this channel to inform your customers about all the latest updates related to your business including the launch of a new product, offers, sales, etc. 

According to the statistics, 45% of the SMS marketing campaigns generate a successful ROI, underscoring the importance of business text messaging. 

It is a great way of keeping your customers engaged which is my next point also! 

Increases customer engagement

Since SMS has a great reach and an average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, you can use this opportunity to strengthen customer engagement with your brand! 

You can get customer feedback effectively using this method of communication. 

Since the advent of the digital world has made everything so fast, most people are not willing to take out time for dropping off and filling in the survey forms. 

However you can use SMS as an effective alternative for collecting feedback from customers, especially post a purchase. 

Send them a text containing a hyperlink that will direct them to your website for filling the online feedback form. 

Feedback is an integral part of any business’s marketing agenda as it allows them to evaluate and improve themselves in their weak areas! 

Moreover, SMS communication between a customer and a brand gives a sense of personalization, favoring an establishment of a strong association between the two!

Communication in all cases is crucial for maintaining strong ties. At least with this, your customers will know that you care about them. 

Integration with other marketing channels

Another added benefit of using text message marketing is that it can be easily integrated with other marketing channels including Mail Chimp, Eventribe, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc.

Although text message marketing can work as an independent and successful marketing channel on its own, however, its integration with other marketing methods can let you enjoy a more enhanced and seamless experience.  

For instance, you can employ text message marketing to notify your customers to enjoy the limited time offer discount deals that are advertised on social media platforms!

This could get the customers interested who visited your social media site and came across the post but couldn’t carry on with the process for some reason! 

Cost-effective marketing channel

SMS is a widely used channel for marketing and this can be attributed to the affordability that comes with it! 

From multinationals to startups, all sorts of businesses use it. 

Most SMS providers like express text offer a wide array of payment plans that you can choose depending on your budget structure, target audience, and the number of keywords required. 

The edge that this very platform offers over the others is its cost-effective SMS marketing solutions i.e. it offers a large number of texts at the same cost as other platforms. 

SMS is a safe channel of communication

If I ask you to think of one major advantage of using SMS, what would it be? Its ability to make communication possible just within a few seconds, right?

Additionally, another advantage of using text messages is the security it offers. For example, private security firms can use SMS to notify their customers. 

Similarly, car tracking companies can also use this method of communication to ensure the car is safe and in the hands of the owner!

Undoubtedly, it is the most reliable channel for emergency situations where there is a need to inform your employees or customers of something important immediately.

Text messages can help you grow your business

Texting campaigns can help you grow your business significantly. 

For instance, you can attract your potential customers by including more than just text in your SMS messages. 

Reach out to your customers with aesthetically pleasing photos, videos, and other engaging content relevant to your products/ services to significantly arouse more interest in them. 

With the help of MMS marketing, you can capture the attention of more people towards your product, drive sales, and enjoy more revenues. 

SMS marketing tool is potent for all business types including e-commerce. 

Increase the efficacy of your e-commerce business by enabling customers to send texts in, purchase, or customize products! 

Moreover, you can use this platform to provide shipping information, order tracking, order verification, etc. 

Share exclusive deals with the customers

Likewise, SMS marketing is an effective way to reach customers about discounts and new seasonal sales. 

Exclusive deals and coupons have pulling power to generate more traffic at your stores, online or otherwise. 

You can also wrap links within the text message that can direct customers to your website where they can shop using discounted coupons or codes. 

For example, kylie cosmetics, an international beauty cosmetics retailer store employs SMS marketing for reaching out to its customers!

Real-time promotion

Another benefit attached to the usage of SMS marketing is that you can immediately share real-time promotions. 

You can incorporate automation into your text message campaign for sending bulk SMS to the customers easily. 

Get creative and draw people’s attention towards you by taking advantage of the special annual events by offering special shopping deals special on holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, or Cyber Monday.

Marketing your small business can be challenging in the competitive business world.

However, automated marketing techniques can allow you to beat other channels. Learn more about how to effectively use bulk SMS for expanding small businesses successfully! 

Text messages have a large reach 

About 65% of the world’s population can send and receive messages that naturally makes the reach of SMS marketing vast. 

Instead of using just one marketing strategy that could only hit a part of your targeted demographics, SMS marketing lets you connect with a wider spectrum of audience, so you must definitely go for it! 

The measure of effective interaction with your customers is directly proportional to the sales of your business, thus contributing to the revenues constructively! 


Year after year texting is growing in popularity with as many businesses adopting it as a major part of their marketing agenda. 

It’s only possible that the ways to send and receive these messages evolve as well.

Text from a computer, however, can provide you a more efficient experience for keeping in touch with your customers significantly. 

Texting through a computer can surely allow you to enjoy the benefits that you cannot enjoy while using a mobile phone!