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Feeling pressured to sell more tickets in a limited amount of time? Have you considered text blasting your prospective guests?

You probably have, though, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. So, let this article help you understand a few more things about text message marketing and how you can use it to your advantage.

SMS marketing is a technique that marketers use to reach their subscribers instantly. It has a high open rate of 82% (1,030 respondents), according to a survey conducted by Shift Communications.

Depending on the quality of the text offers, SMS marketing can encourage recipients to send direct responses to the promoter immediately. Thus, increased ROIs are always observed when using this technique.

3 Reasons why

1. Text blasting can help you handle logistical and promotional challenges that revolve around event management, from making announcements, ticket releases, running competitions, reminders to receiving customer inquiries and feedback.

2. Sell tickets at the last minute. Notify VIPs and other relevant customers about your remaining tickets on sale which they can buy at a discounted price. Make an attractive offer to encourage them to probably bring a friend who couldn’t afford the tickets at first, but can now go because you’ve made it cheaper.

For example:

“Last minute sale: 25 front-row seats are still up for grabs! Call 420-909-124 to buy your tickets now and get 5% discount – MCX Events.”

3. Promote customer engagement. Get interactive with your customers by giving them updates on the event. The messages may come with links to your videos, apps, photos or social pages. If you’re promoting a concert, you can tease them with info about the guest performers, set list, giveaways and so on.

“Hey Erin, guess who’s going to grace us with their electrifying performance this Saturday? It’s a 5-letter-word that starts with K and ends with S! To guess with other fans and win an exciting PRIZE, click here:”

If you plan to go mobile this year, text blasting would be a great addition to your marketing campaign. It is an effective way to promote your upcoming events to customers who prefer to receive offers via text than email.

Ultimately, text message marketing can get your word out there in time. Try it now!


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