Text Blast for nightclubs

text blast for night clubs

Text Blast for nightclub: 3 ways it can help make people show up 

It’s that time of the week again and you are probably excited about adding more guests on your list right now. However, it is not easy to persuade people to come out without anything to motivate them, isn’t it? How will you convince those who are in the mood for Netflix than to chill at your bar?


  1. The numbers say it all

First, let’s establish the fact that text blast is still as relevant as it did back in 2009 when reports showed there was a 98% open rate of text messages.

Fast forward to 2016, Shift Communications Consumer Survey reported that 82.1% of respondents said they open every text message they receive. This still suggests that 4 out of 5 cellphone users will still open their SMS messages, whether it may be business or personal, an opportunity you shouldn’t take for granted.

How can you make SMS work for you?


2. Create a strong opt-in list

A strong opt-in list allows you to build deeper customer loyalty to your brand. Customers who agree to receive text messages from your nightclub are more likely to come in on the regular than those who prefer receiving updates via email or social media.

For example, create a VIP list for those who have made reservations thru a text before. These VIPs could be entitled to instant access to your clubs, a welcome drink, a front row seat, and so on. VIP treatment will entice your customers to hang out more in your club and bring more customers in.


  1. Use text blast to announce your drink specials and other promos

Reaching out to customers who have different plans for the weekend may be hard to convince otherwise unless of course, you have got something better to offer. It is safe to say that your opt-in list is filled with certified party goers, so from there, you’re quite 50% done with setting them in the mood for clubbing.

The other 50%?

You; announcing a deal that’s hard to ignore. The fastest way to do this is by sending a text blast to customers in your contact list.

Other ideas to get you started:

  • Unlimited drinks during the happy hour
  • A drinking competition
  • Bring-a-friend to receive a complimentary snack to their orders
  • Freebies such as free t-shirts, posters or no entrance fee for the first 50 guests
  • Bring in a known DJ in town
  • Online promotions that redirect customers to sign-up to your nightclub in exchange for VIP treatment
  • First, 10 customers who make reservations through a text will receive a VIP pass

Traditional advertising like flyers may help you get the word out there but not to a wider extent a text blast can reach within a few seconds.