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Text Blast App – Simple and affordable way to send text messages

A text blast app is a simple way to send out text messages to a large number of users simultaneously. This is an effective way to communicate messages to all the people within an organization, committee or subscribed users in a timely manner through cellphones. Text blast marketing can be used by all businesses to create brand awareness as well as to increase sales by sending promotional texts.

The process of a text blast app consists of three simple steps. It begins with companies signing up with a text blast service. After choosing a payment option, they can upload their subscriber list or make a new one using text to join. This includes the cell phone numbers of all the users they plan to target. Once this is done, an SMS campaign is carried out i.e. companies send a text to their subscribers about their brand. The users who choose to remain on the list do nothing and those who wish to be removed can reply stop to be opted out. A few things you can do with a Text blast app includes sending discount codes, coupons, surveys, polls, receiving feedback and much more.

Text blasting is the new and more efficient alternative to voice blasts. Voice blasts were introduced in the 1900s to send out mass scale broadcast messages to users on their phones. At that time, the idea was very popular but in today’s day and age, most users are not willing to take out the time to listen to voice broadcasts. Text blasts are short, concise and to the point. Moreover, with this generation’s addiction to smartphone devices and text messaging, research has discovered that 98% of all texts sent are opened ( Moreover, according to Semaphore, 8 out of 10 customers prefer SMS support. With a channel that customers themselves demand, the failure rate of this method of communication is almost nil.

Establishments, whether your business is big or small, you should move towards using a text blast marketing. This can be owed to the fact that it has numerous benefits as opposed to minimal downsides. The only thing that businesses need to keep in mind is the ethical and legal concerns in seeking permission of the users when sending them a text blast and ensuring the privacy of their own company as well as that of the users by using the proper methods of communication.

Text blast app is not only useful to business organizations for marketing their brand but has quite a few uses for other establishments as well. Community groups use it to send out mass scale texts to the members of the community such as the local church or softball Little League. Moreover, it comes in handy in emergency situations i.e. if the government needs to issue a warning in case of a threat such as for an immediate evacuation during a storm. Anyhow, in the business industry, it is the most effective and inexpensive method to reach out to an audience timely while yielding highly satisfactory results.


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