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SMS Text Website: how to use texting for recruiting?

An SMS text website is a powerful addition to a company’s recruitment efforts. It can give you that much of a needed boost to connect with your prospective candidates quicker.

You can streamline your entire recruitment process by simply allowing the candidates to confirm their interview attendance or sending feedback via SMS. If you’re planning to use an SMS text website for recruiting, here are the best ways to do it.


Attract interested applicants

Interested applicants may be encouraged to communicate with you right after they see your text-to-apply ad. Alternatively, you can use SMS text to reach out to fresh candidates first to save time and energy.

To generate leads, add a mobile keyword and a short code in your job postings. However, make it known in the terms and conditions that by texting you they also agree to receive future text alerts from your company. This way, you can easily notify qualified candidates in your contact list of future job openings.


Automate your interview times and text reminders

Your contact list and recruitment needs can grow over time. So, to stay on top of things, take advantage of using an SMS system which will allow you to set up an auto text reply to keep everything automated.

A good SMS text website should have features that allows you to send an automatic text response within a stipulated time. If an applicant opts in, send an application deadline automatically. If the applicant has not sent their application a few days before the deadline, your SMS text website will send them a reminder.


Send hiring updates to applicants

Qualified applicants are always anxious to know whether they make the cut or not. So, it’s important to keep them posted throughout the hiring process. This is also good on your part as a recruiter, because you’re taking the time and effort to let them find another company to apply to.

In general, SMS text websites are a speedy way to hire potential applicants for your company. It provides a two-way communication channel for groups or individuals who may want to connect with each other in the fastest way possible.