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sms solution

SMS solution: 17 features for small businesses

SMS marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing practices that businesses can use to boost customer engagement.

A Full-service SMS solution can offer the following features:

1. Email to SMS

Send text messages from an email client to your registered recipients. Your email will simply be converted into a SMS instantly.

2. Web-based texting

Send and receive messages online to and from your team members and customers. Upload your contacts and divide them into groups through your account.

3. SMS for PC and Mac

Some providers have developed a desktop program which you can use to create and send bulk messages from.

4. SMS chat

An online chat service to receive and send replies instantly.

5. SMS Gateway integration

Pair your website with your chosen SMS gateway by using the given SMS API tools.

6. Text Message Distribution List

The emails you plan to send to a distribution list address can be forwarded as a SMS to all phone numbers found on your list.

7. iOS & Android App

Perfect for those who prefer to monitor their SMS marketing campaign round the clock. Manage all your campaigns with just using your mobile phone.

8. Global SMS Coverage
Depending on your service area, this SMS solution is extremely useful for store owners and retailers that offer international shipping. Order updates can be sent to the customer no matter where they are in the world.

9. Virtual Mobile Number (VMN)

The great thing about VMNs is that customers can reach you without having to text them first. They can subscribe to your contact list by just typing in a keyword and sending it to your dedicated number.

10. Sub-accounts

Ideal for businesses with a group of SMS marketing officers, this feature allows you to create sub-accounts for each of your staff.

11. Multiple languages SMS

Create messages to connect with your foreign-language speaking customers like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, among others.

12. Sender ID

Let your customers know that you have a solid branding strategy by getting a SMS sender ID.

13. Long messages

Is a 160-character text message not enough to broadcast your latest offers? Consider getting a long text messaging feature that will allow you to create a message up to 900 characters.

14. Voice call forwarding

Forward your dedicated number to a mobile phone so that your prospective customers can contact you immediately after receiving your text message.

15. Opt-out feature

As enforced by law, give your customers the option to unsubscribe from your list by texting “STOP” to your dedicated number.

16. SMS Automation

Whenever you receive an incoming message, setup an auto-reply to acknowledge receipt of such messages.

17. Analytics report

Finally, a SMS solution that every SMS marketer can’t live without! Track and review your campaign’s progress through a reporting and analytics feature.