SMS Message

sms message

adding some spice to your SMS message is always a good idea. Imagine your customers receiving the same messages over and over again; how’s that for an exciting experience?

It can’t always be about implementing campaigns for the heck of it but you should also think about some things that will make your customers happy and interested.

So, if you’ve been struggling to connect with them lately, here are some best practices you can add to your SMS marketing guidelines.

1. Make your text messages sound like fun and exciting

Engagement is key to a successful SMS marketing. It’s safe to assume that your customers aren’t tone-deaf so keep them engaged by doing the following:

  • Personalize your text messages
  • Add creativity to your wording
  • Create exciting offers customers need the most

However, don’t have too much fun with it! Take the limited character count per message into consideration. It’s still important to keep your text messages short and sweet.

3. Pay attention to your message frequency

Conduct a survey to ask your customers how many times in a day, week or month they prefer to receive SMS messages from you. Follow their suggestions and send out your messages based on the times and days they are most active.

Listening to what your customers want is an important step in building a long-lasting relationship with them.

3. Add variety to your offers

Are you running out of ideas to excite them about what your restaurant has to offer?

Mix it up by sending spontaneous offers and personalizing your messages. For example, if you need to make space for an upcoming batch of food supplies, get rid of it by planning an incentive-driven SMS marketing campaign.

Offer buy 2 take 1, $99 for a set lunch, 10% off on brunch orders between 11AM and 2PM only, and so on.

To get a customer’s attention fully, addressing them by their first name always works. This will also make your SMS texts appear personalized and important.

4. Reward your VIPs

Customers in your VIP list surely look forward to receiving future offers. Take advantage of this by keeping a few incentives exclusive to them, because one; they deserve it and two; they will likely redeem it.

5. Incorporate Tiny URLs in your SMS message

Attach a URL to your SMS message to direct customers who may be interested in reading more about your offers. You can use a link shortener to keep any URLs within a text message’s 160-character limit.