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sms marketing for staffing and recruiting

How to use SMS marketing to your advantage when hiring applicants

Various studies have shown that people these days are far more responsive to text reminders than social media alerts. Text messages are opened within seconds because they know it’s a time-sensitive SMS.

It’s time-sensitive messages like potential employment that makes SMS marketing for staffing and recruiting. So, if you want to learn how you can use it to your advantage, read on.


Give timely updates

 From scheduling SMS alerts, follow-ups to hearing feedback, all these tasks can be done in a timely manner. Gone are the days when hearing back from an applicant would take several days later.

Send out alerts to let applicants know that your company has new job openings. Include a link to the job description in your text message. If they’re interested, schedule a time for an initial interview with a phone call.

“Hi John, we just posted three new job openings for a Web Designer. Have a look at the job description: Let us know if you’re interested. – Tom (Recruiter @DesignLabs)”

Also, use text reminders to send details of the required documents for employment. At this point, keeping your applicants up-to-date with their job status is recommended.

Once the interview process is over, ask the applicants for their feedback on whether they still find the job position suitable for their career objectives.


Integrate SMS marketing into your CRM

There are SMS marketing platforms that allow seamless recruitment CRM integration. Take this opportunity to improve your recruitment process and increase your talent acquisitions within a short amount of time.

However, if your current recruitment CRM does not allow such integrations, you may choose to use an SMS marketing platform outside of your recruitment software.


AI technology designed for recruitment

Social Talent predicts that artificial intelligence is set to expand faster in 2018. AI has been proven effective in reducing confirmation bias when choosing applicants. These bots have been programmed to focus on skills rather than personal details, making the first stages of recruitment faster and easier.

Some SMS marketing platforms do have a few automated features that can help you find rare gems in a highly saturated talent pool. These platforms use recruiter bots that you can configure in terms of voice tone and branding.

If you want to gain that competitive edge in this fast-paced industry, going SMS for announcements, interview scheduling, and text reminders should be right up your alley.


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