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SMS Marketing Software is an online texting platform for small-medium sized businesses. Businesses have the ability to manage a database which includes phone numbers of subscribed clients that they can advertise via texting. The purpose of an SMS marketing software is to send out SMS text messages to targeted audiences in an attempt to get more repeat business which will result in higher revenues.

SMS Marketing Software makes the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses much easier. With one system that includes every recipient’s number, all that needs to be done is typing one text message that can reach thousands of people. With the growing popularity of SMS Marketing, many new companies have sprung up that offer SMS Marketing software services. Not only does it allow the sender to send messages in bulk, but businesses can also keep track of how effective the marketing strategy is with reports. Reports should provide data on how many customers received the text and how many did not.

Every business needs to ask for permission before sending customers any promotions or updates. Customers may give their phone numbers at restaurants or to brands at shopping malls to receive updates on the latest promotions and discounts. This is called an SMS Marketing Campaign, which consists of two components – the keyword and the shortcode e.g. ‘’Text Saturday to 555-999 to see our weekend specials.” The potential customer can then choose whether or not he or she wants to sign up to it.

The best thing about an SMS is that, with technology improving by the day, the software can send messages based on demographics i.e. location, age, gender, and others. This helps the business to target a more specific audience, which allows for a better ad response. James Citron, CEO of text messaging service Mogreet, said to Forbes, “95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted into your text messaging program open and read your mobile text messages within 3 minutes.” With smartphones taking over the modern world, this is the fastest way to reach the target audience and, unlike ever before, it is mass scale advertising which has unmatched personalization. To top that off, it is fast, reliable and cost-effective. It is convenient for both the sender and user, being not only short and concise but also with an instant opt-in and opt-out option.

SMS has made it easier and quicker for businesses to personally interact with their clients, it is not only used for promotions but also to stay in touch. For example, many businesses send greeting messages on festive holidays e.g “The Independence Inn wishes you a Happy Christmas”, which is a strategy to portray a good image and so that clients keep the business in mind. SMS Marketing has taken over the digital advertising industry as emails are used mainly for work purposes in today’s world, so businesses opt for a more personal approach through SMS. This can only be effective with a proper SMS Marketing Software set up. In today’s rapidly changing world, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with the newest marketing tactics.


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