SMS Marketing Services

sms marketing services

When marketing a business, companies choose the best options available. Out of various marketing methods, businesses tend to opt for SMS marketing which has become quite popular as a way of promoting businesses. SMS marketing services are provided by various companies to enhance a business and its sales. Moreover, these services cost less when compared to other marketing methods, which is why it has come in the spotlight.

Express Text

Out of many service providers, Express Text is famous for helping businesses market themselves properly. With a ton of features, the provider is helpful in boosting the business and marketing it through unique ways. All a business needs to do is to sign up for services with the provider and market itself within just a few clicks. Express Text is known for being affordable for both small and big businesses. With just one click, a business can send a text blast to its clients without spending a fortune on doing so. The best part is that new companies signing up for the service get to try it free for 30 days. This way, they gain knowledge of all features and know how to work with the system fully. 

Online Mobile application 

With advancement and technologies and different applications breaking through, Express Text has also created an application which is accessible and easy to use for all users. The provider has created an online marketing application through which a business can market itself quickly with just a few clicks. Such applications are helpful for businesses to reach out to customers without the need of downloading an app and taking up space on your device. Once logged in the business can then access the assigned account easily and send mass text messages to all its clients making them aware of offers and promotions. Such applications have made communication in the form of text messages the most convenient method. 


The most important determinant of opting for any marketing service is the cost attached to it. Mass text messaging is known for being cheap for all kinds of businesses. Express Text also attaches the same tag of affordability to itself while providing text message marketing services to businesses. With no setup fees and minimal message prices, the provider makes it convenient and affordable for small as well as large businesses to market themselves properly in the arena. This also means that new startups with low budgets can opt for this marketing service. As the number of text messages increases, the price per message decreases which is why such services are of great use to businesses without costing them an arm and a leg. 


Express Text focuses on its features separately giving importance to convenience as one of its features. The provider believes that the system and account made by a business should be easy to use and understand. Convenience features include help videos, easy contact upload and simple billing. Before a company signs up for an account with the provider they should know how to use the application without getting lost. Which is why they give importance to instructional videos on the application which can guide the user to using the application the right way at any time. Another convenience feature is easy contact upload which allows companies to upload contacts in the system with 3 steps. It is better to breakdown the client list in groups by their age, location or gender. This feature also allows companies to select a few of their top contacts and also some admin contacts which can also review messages being sent to customers. With a simple excel file, all contacts can be copy and pasted. This makes it easier for a business to contact a selected category of people. If a company needs to invite only 100 of their top VIP customers to an exclusive event, it will send a text message invite to only those with the help of this feature. The convenience feature also makes billing easy for both the service provider and the business. All details are stored and made into an invoice which is accessible through the application. 

Organization features

When using a text message marketing service, the organization of contacts is key to making the campaign a success. Express Text through its organization features creates contact groups to access a category of customers, calendars for important reminders, templates and contact management list. Grouping of clients can be done according to birthdates, locations, gender and so on. So, if a business needs to text customers in New York only, they can shortlist those clients with the information stored. Contact management also assists a business by storing important information of customers which can be used to customize messages. During a marketing campaign, a business can use this feature to address a few clients with their first and last names to give them a personal sense of connection with the company. The calendar helps the business schedule messages for a later time allowing the company to edit and change them before the scheduled time. The template feature can be used for birthday greetings, savings messages for future texts, customer service messages and reminders. These help the same kind of messages to follow the same template, saving both time and money. If a company needs to send bday wishes its clients on their birthdays, it will use the birthday reminder feature to send them messages on the respective dates.

Two Way Communication

With 4 features following the communication category, the provider allows businesses to send messages the way they want to. Express Text uses the SMPP or Express delivery service which allows a business to send entire 2 messages at the same time while other providers allow a single text of 145 characters. This allows a business to openly communicate with its customers without the restriction on the word limit. 2-way messaging allows customers to respond to business texts by either responding to short code texts or for feedback. Message forwarding is another feature provided by Express Text which allows the business to forward incoming campaign messages directly to a mobile number to remain updated about its campaign. When any user responds to the text to join message sent by the business, it will be alerted with the help of the forwarding feature. A business does not need to sign in to its Express Text account to remain updates about messages being sent. It can simply receive the texts on a separate mobile and remain updated about the progress of its marketing campaign. 

Monitor account

This category provides detailed invoices, real time reporting and inbox features to businesses. This list of features helps a business to know what exactly is going on, what is being sent and to who it is being sent to. Businesses can monitor all activities with the help of these features and create graphs and charts to make reports of messages being sent through their account. With the use of the inbox feature, businesses can take a look at the response of the messages sent to the customers. This helps a business to change according to the responses pouring in from various customers. To make it easier to send messages to responding and active numbers, Express Text provides the easy opt out processfeature. A business can delete contacts with a simple click. When sending messages it is important to understand that people who deactivate a business’s messages render as message failure. To avoid this, the service provider allows businesses to monitor messages sent and choose opt out process if necessary. 

Manage Campaigns

These features ensure the effectiveness of the messages sent through the service provider. The text to join feature is great to attract customers to a business while also gain necessary information regarding them. A clothing company can set up a text to join campaign with an auto-response text message so that it can get people to subscribe to there list. Another feature is to schedule messages for a later time. A business can choose this feature to send a message to a list of contacts on Christmas for exclusive discounts. Web widget is a feature that helps a business collect numbers from a customized online form that can be added to the businesses website. Customers can be asked to fill some forms out through with information like their birthday, name, location, numbers, email and gender can be collected by a business. This information is sent to the system and directly uploaded on the businesses account database. 


SMS marketing services have become a common way for businesses to get attention from existing customers and potential customers. Express Text is a renowned service provider which has been helping businesses expand their horizons overtime. With features targeting customers and looking at minor details such as tutorial videos for new users, detailed invoices, updated contact lists and group management, marketing becomes easier for both small and large companies. Businesses should use these services to assist them in their marketing techniques and stand out from other competitors in the market. Innovative features such as these are available at a low cost to businesses so they can attract customers through unique messaging methods while remaining within the limits of their budget.