SMS Marketing campaigns

sms marketing campaigns

If you’re new to SMS marketing, you may not get a lot of action in the first few weeks on your SMS marketing campaign, especially if you have a rather small client pool.

But there’s a way to get out of this slump. And you can never go wrong with fresh ideas and pro tips straight from the experts.

So, here are some of them.

Seattle Sun Tan

 This tanning salon has generated $196,000 in new sales in just a month after they launched an SMS marketing campaign. Like most salons, they too didn’t have a large contact list when they started.

After 30 days, Seattle Sun Tan grew its SMS database to a whopping 4,774 subscribers.

How did that happen?

Customers who’ve opted-in are rewarded with a $20 off their next transaction. But there’s a risk here because once the initial excitement fizzle out, many may decide to opt out the next day.

Seattle Sun Tan believes that the key is to have a strong initial offer to guarantee lower opt-out rates within 24 hours.

Salon Touch Studio

 To help you cope with slow season, Salon Touch Studio recommends to come up with smart promotions and push through with your retail merchandise.

For your SMS marketing campaigns, you may consider the following ideas:

  • A single visit offers like 15% off on your tanning packages until 02/21 only.
  • Customers with VIP status are entitled to receive a free tan service once every 15th of the month.
  • Subscription to your 30-day unlimited tanning package makes customers eligible for a free or discounted upgrade.
  • For a limited time, offer buy 2 tanning products get 1 for free.
  • Prepare specific deals for big spenders and those who just drop by for freebies.

Bigger Better Hair Salon

 Brandon Stephens, the owner of Bigger Better Hair Salon, suggests making use of social media “influencers” to promote your business. These influencers can help you get the word out there and for every referral they make, offer them special incentives.

If you ever decide to hire two influencers, ask them to create a social media post that will encourage SMS subscription. Assign a unique short code for each influencer in order to track their referrals.

Influencer A:

“Tanned skin for days! Text SUN to 545454 to join this salon’s exclusive membership program and receive $20 off on your first transaction!”

 Influencer B:

“Thank you Sun Tan for my #sunkissedskin! I am so ready for summer. If you want to achieve the best-tanned skin ever, text SUN to 545454.”

 SMS marketing campaigns have a lot of benefits that you can take advantage at an affordable cost.

Take inspiration from your customers’ pains and needs when creating your content plan. And you’ll be on your way to getting more subscribers.


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