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SMS Company: best SMS company 

Shopping around for the best SMS company? Here’s a short list of top SMS companies you should really consider for your SMS marketing efforts.

We have used a few key metrics to evaluate the performance of these companies. These metrics are as follows:

  • Successful partnerships
  • Expertise
  • Client reviews
  • Features
  • Cost


Express Text

Express Text is in partnership with some of the biggest brands in the country. This suggests that the company is not only a good choice for small businesses, but also for medium and large-scale corporations.

ET’s SMS platform has a lot of beneficial features and a free link shortening tool that clients can use to execute and track their marketing efforts successfully. It’s also affordable, user-friendly, and customer-oriented.

In fact, there are no contracts to lock clients in for a certain period of time. Express Text also offers a full refund if the clients end up not liking their service after taking the 30-day free trial.



A SaaS company, Tatango is one of the widely used SMS platforms by marketers. It is also a certified CSCA short code provider, thus clients can easily pick whatever digits they want without breaking the bank.

Tatango’s subscriber and messaging analytics tools are definitely a plus point. This allows clients to review their performance thoroughly with little to no technical difficulties. They can also create MMS and RCS messages easily with Tatango’s multi-messaging channels.

However, it’s enterprise-level cost might alienate some customer groups specifically startups.


Slick Text

Slick Text prides on its attention to detail that can be seen in its platform. The company even offers a wide variety of packaged plans to meet different customer needs, from small to high-volume text messages per month. Higher tier plans also come with one-on-one training sessions and picture messaging.

The SMS company is also cell carrier-compliant and has zero-tolerance policy for questionable content. And with their regular audits, rest assured that the clients are always in good hands.

However, Slick Text costs a bit more than Express Text. This could be a deal breaker for large users who have a tight budget.

Overall, choosing the right SMS company for your business depends on your specific requirements and marketing goals. If you’re a small-medium sized business owner consider shopping around for customized plans from any of these companies. See which offers the most competitive rates for the tools and features that you need.


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