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SMS Broadcast Software

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SMS Broadcast: SMS broadcast software

SMS Broadcast is a method of sending text messages in bulk to a large group of recipients via an SMS broadcast software. In essence, you are broadcasting your text message to your users with timely information directly to your users’ mobile phones. It is the most reliable and effective mobile technology for sending out mass text messages and an easy way for businesses to use text message marketing.

SMS Broadcast can be used for various purposes. Firstly, it can be used for fundraising. Mass texts can be sent out to the community urging them to donate for a cause. Secondly, an SMS broadcast software can be used for Emergency Alerts e.g. if there is a suspicious activity nearby or chance of a natural disaster, people can be alerted beforehand so they can be cautious and prepared. Thirdly, survey and polling is a very common use of SMS broadcast. It is used by political parties, housing associations, retail outlets, consumer products, and other companies. Another commonly used form of SMS is for keeping an update of Sports Scores. This is used by news agencies, subscription services, broadcasters, and sports associations. Lastly, it is used for something that is time sensitive – Invoice and Debt Collection. Customers can receive invoice reminders and notices directly to their mobile phones. This is used by debt collection agencies, utility companies, retail, solicitors, repair outlets, etc.

Getting started with an SMS broadcast software can be a bit tricky, but fortunately, there are many web-based texting companies that provide this service. The exact process varies from company to company, but Open Market provides 6 basic steps to help send an SMS Broadcast. Firstly, click the broadcast tab and then click Create Broadcast. On the Broadcast Types page, click Send SMS as the type of broadcast you want to send. The next page, Create Broadcast, is where you fill in the details about this particular sms blast. Create the message you wish to send and then select ‘Send to’ where you can add recipients manually or upload a file with recipient contacts. Open Market even allows you to preview your messages before you send them so you’ll know how they look. It may seem complicated but once it is set up, it becomes the most convenient method to send out mass scale text messages within the shortest amount of time.

There are some very interesting facts about SMS broadcasting listed on Digital Marketing Magazine’s website. It states that ‘less is more’. Usually, customers don’t prefer too many texts while still wanting to stay updated. Hence, a few messages a month to each customer is ideal. This proves to be very cost effective for businesses. Secondly, about 80% of customers don’t receive an SMS text from their favorite brands, so companies need to take on this opportunity and send their customers offers which will make them feel unique and important. Lastly, instead of traditional point cards, it could be a good idea to switch to SMS loyalty programs. Discounts and offers aren’t the only things SMS broadcast can be used for. The true potential of using an SMS Broadcast software is realized by companies so they can gain maximum benefits from it.


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