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sms blast software

SMS blast is a series of text messages that are sent from one user to a large number of people at the same time utilizing an SMS blast software. This method of marketing is mostly used by businesses and companies to interact with their customers, in order to increase their brand awareness and sales. Sending an SMS blast has been identified as one of the most effective methods for businesses and companies to connect with their customers. SMS blasting is an effective marketing tactic because people pay attention to text messages, and open rates are very high. According to research, 98% of the text messages sent are opened within 3 minutes by the recipient. Also, 83% of the world population have access to mobile devices, which has the ability to send and receive promotional text messages from brands.  Apart from businesses other institutions like schools, political parties, sports teams, and churches use it to communicate with their members. Overall SMS is a powerful marketing technique that businesses and companies can utilize to promote their products and services. 

SMS blast software is a professional tool for sending mass text messages. It helps to manage and automate promotional text messages. In simpler terms, it is a tool for creating, running and monitoring SMS campaigns.

Why SMS blast software? 

Using an SMS Software, companies and businesses can plan, implement, and control their marketing campaigns that targets their customers and also attracts new customers who have access to mobile devices that has the ability to send and receive text messages. The software targets a large number of people at the same time within a short period, and it is surprisingly easy to use. Business owners and institutions regularly use this platform to engage their customers with product reviews, promotions etc. SMS blast software can often collect a customer’s mobile data, including web history and location, and use it to execute personalized and timely interactions with existing and potential customers. This can lead to a quick turnaround in creating sales and gaining new customers, as customers can take immediate action on their mobile devices. Companies and businesses can use SMS alongside email marketing software in order to expand their outreach during their marketing campaign. SMS creates the perfect financial solutions for enhanced performance. It can help to increase customer range, and target all levels of the society in terms of their choice of product, the ability of the software to group customers into different segments helps in the effective use of the software. 

Features of SMS

SMS software’s have a lot of features that can help any business or company to have an amazing texting experience. The features help businesses and companies to improve their mobile marketing strategy, send reminders, run promotions and offer discounts to customers. One of the features of SMS is that; sent messages can be saved as templates to be used in the future for subsequent marketing campaigns, QR codes and hyperlinks can be added into the messages. SMS software’s allows businesses to personalize the messages that are sent out, in such a way that each message is unique to each customer. Another effective feature is the poll builder, customers love to express their opinions and reply to polls, by using the poll builder feature, business owners can generate engagement with their customers. As people reply to the poll, the business will be able to monitor the results in the SMS software interface. The option to add multimedia files to enhance the outlook of promotional texts is another major feature. When images, videos and audio files are attached to promotional SMS, it encourages people to subscribe to the marketing campaign. The more people a business can get into their marketing campaign, the more effective their SMS blast campaign will be. 

Uses of SMS

There are many uses of SMS for businesses and other institutions. One of the most important use is that it allows companies and businesses to stay connected with their customers and provides them with the necessary information that they need. It is important to note that while using SMS, businesses must not send unnecessary messages to their customers, and they must also get the permission of their subscribers before sending them promotional texts, which is in line with the regulations of TCPA. The other uses of SMS are listed below. 


Businesses and companies can use SMS to send out notifications to their customers. They can use it to notify their customers about their products and services. Businesses and companies can use it to notify their customers about new products, where and when they can purchase the product. Also, educational institutions can use the software to notify their students and staffs about their activities. For instance, if there is a bad weather condition or any other emergency and the school needs to be closed down for the day due to safety reasons, the school can use the software to send a text blast to their staffs and students. SMS Text blast is the most effective method for this because it is very fast and it would reach out to the targeted audience in no time.  


It is now an old school for businesses and companies to place a suggestion box at the entrance of their store in order to get information from their customers. The world has gone digital and as such, business owners can now use SMS to get feedback from customers. SMS gives businesses and companies the ability to receive messages from their customers, this provides an invaluable medium for getting suggestions and feedbacks. A retail store can send follow up messages to their customers after a sale, to find out their opinion about their products and services. They can also ask their customers to make suggestions on how they can serve them better via SMS. This is a great way for business owners to track their customer service. Honest feedback from customers can help businesses to improve their products and services. 


SMS text messaging is great for any business that schedules appointments. It is more effective than an auto-dialer, and saves business owners the time of making reminder calls every day. Most SMS platforms have the feature that can allow businesses to pre-schedule the reminder, so that it would be delivered automatically at the specific day and time it was scheduled for. SMS is fast, this comes in when there is a cancellation, business owners can quickly send out a text reminder to their customers, letting them know about the cancellation, and when there would be an opening or when they would like to schedule a new appointment. Many people do not answer phone calls, especially from numbers that they are not familiar with, but statistics has shown that 98% of the SMS sent are opened within three minutes by the recipient. This statistic has made SMS the best choice for business owners to send reminders to their customers. 


SMS text messaging can be used to send out warnings to people during emergencies like a bad weather or other natural or manmade disasters. During emergencies, the internet is usually congested or overloaded. However, internet connection is not needed to send or receive SMS, which makes it the best choice for emergency services to send out information to people. Texts can help to keep people in a particular community safe, and to also send out safety tips to them to keep them safe.  

How to find the best SMS blast service

Identifying an SMS blast platform that is capable of providing businesses and institutions with the right facilities and features to kick start their marketing campaign can be a lot tricky, especially if the business owner is just getting familiar with the marketing strategy. A good SMS service provider for any business or institution, needs to have a simple interface, affordable packages, and a five-star review from previous users. Other factors to look out for are: 

Good customer service 

No matter how effective or functional a software is, you are still going to need customer care for support at some point during your SMS marketing campaign. Therefore, it is important for a software provider to have a good customer service. If a business is using a software that does not have a top notch customer service, it can frustrate the efforts of any company’s marketing team, especially when they are faced with some difficulties that need to be solved immediately or at a particular time. Most SMS service providers know that having a good customer relationship is important, so they train their staffs not only to provide support for their software, but to also provide support as a marketing technique for businesses and companies. Business owners need to find a service which is committed to providing a fast, easy and creative customer care support. 

Amazing features 

There is a lot more to a service than just providing a platform for businesses and companies to send messages to their subscribers. There should be a lot more features that a service can provide. A good service should have the following features, Automated responses/reminders, multimedia messaging service (MMS), personalization, unique short codes, easy keyword reservations, access to message templates.    

Easy to use  

A good SMS application should be easy to use for everyone. It should not be complicated, even to a beginner. Texting is simple, fast and effective. The interface shouldn’t be clustered, browsing through the software should be smooth, and the features should be easily accessible. SMS providers usually include default message templates for any type of business, this makes it easy for businesses to kick start their marketing campaign instead of starting from the scratch.  In order for everyone on a marketing team to be able to make use of the software it has to be easy for everyone to learn within a short period of time.  

Free trials 

Most providers try their best to get new subscribers every day, in order to increase sales and maximize profit. It would only take the best provider to give out free trials to prospective customers, in order to convince and assure them about the quality of their service. Business owners should be given enough credits to try out different features on the platform to see how the software works.  An SMS provider that gives out free trials to customers before asking them to subscribe to different packages according to their budget, is confident about the quality of their software and its features, and would surely deliver the best to their subscribers.  

Customer’s review  

Customer’s review is another great way to find a perfect service that has all the required features that can help a brand to promote their SMS marketing campaignBusiness owners should look out for providers that have great reviews by their customers and is also recognized as one of the best in the mobile marketing industry.  Business owners can read through reviews online, especially from websites that are known for reviewing and criticizing services. A business marketing team can also read reviews from businesses that are similar to theirs, to know if the software is efficient enough to take care of their SMS marketing needs. 

In conclusion, text messaging has been around for a while now and it has come to stay due to its effectiveness. SMS marketing is an excellent marketing technique and there are a lot of new software providers in the market to provide an excellent texting experience for businesses and companies. Using the best SMS blast platform will make any company’s marketing campaign easier and better by providing powerful tools and services. Selecting the best software will help to deliver real results and make any company or business succeed. 

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