SMB Marketing: low-cost SMB Marketing ideas and tips

smb marketing

Ever wanted to be on top of your SMB Marketing game but couldn’t get it right? Budget constraints could be one reason, but tell you what, you don’t need a big ad spend to ace your marketing goals this year!

Here are some budget-friendly tips and ideas that not only can make you become a better marketer, but also give your small business that fighting chance to compete with other businesses.

1. Blog about your products or services

 A great way to spread the word of mouth online is by writing about it whether it may be in the form of a product review, social media post, lengthy article, or forum post.

If there are millions of people who Google their queries daily, there’s also a high probability that you’re going to get thousands of traffic with your relevant articles and posts. You can start a blog site for free and you can take it from there.

2. Reach customers through SMS

SMS marketing is one of the fastest-growing communication channels with great ROI. Everyone owns at least one mobile phone nowadays and it only makes sense for brands to start getting their hands on SMS.

It’s cheaper than social media advertising and email marketing and the open rate is just way better – a whopping 98%! Start with a service provider that offers a free trial to test the waters.

3. Give free workshops related to your business

Are you a baker? A vocal coach? A professional athlete? Whatever it is that you do, remember that people always love to learn new things. So, as a part of your SMB marketing strategy, offer free classes or workshops to introduce your products or services to potential customers.

4. Long-form sales letters are not dead

Direct response marketing is still very much alive in this age of blogging and social media posting. Create a landing page where you can post your killer long-form or send it directly to your email subscribers.


5. Join a mastermind group

A mastermind group is a great networking opportunity to getting your business out there. This group commonly consists of entrepreneurs, managers, or professionals who want to receive and share valuable business ideas with one another.

These people communicate via online conference calls or face-to-face meetings to discuss about business matters, especially problems that need expert guidance but don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to hire a consultant.

6. Live streaming or video blogging

Have you ever had a Facebook live story that went viral? If so, then this only tells you one thing – your customers most likely enjoy watching your SMB marketing videos instead of checking out your photos.

Try to give more focus on creating a great visual strategy that will engage your followers to interact with you.

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