Simple Text can increase engagement and drive results

simple text

Simple text that can convert a customer into a sale? Every business’s goal surely.

However, if you’re just starting out with SMS marketing and don’t have a lot of strategies under your belt, here’s how to send a simple text that converts.

And you don’t even need huge amounts of money to kick this off!

Create a compelling simple text around a relevant event

If you have a small business, SMS marketing is even more perfect for you. A typical marketing strategy can include the following:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Text reminders
  • Text coupons
  • Discount privileges
  • Event invites
  • Updates

To create a compelling text message, make sure that your offer will encourage your customers to take action like limited time only discounts, event alerts, and reminders.

For example, if pay-day happens this week, take advantage of this event and offer a discount on your products or services.

“Pay Day Weekend! Get 10% off on all items if you shop from 3/30 to 4/01. Show this text message to avail this discount.”


Send out updates like bills, order statuses, and deliveries

This will not only reduce your customer service cost but can also increase collections. It gives customers some comfort and convenience in knowing that they will be receiving updates on their monthly billing or order statuses.

On your text blast service, automate your mobile text alerts in order to send out your alerts or reminders in a timely manner.

“Your order #109242 has been shipped! Please expect delivery within 3-5 days to your address. Please visit to track your items.”


Create personalized text messages

Text your customers like you would message a friend, as to how Mark Zuckerberg puts it.

If you really want to know how to send a simple text for your business, relying on automated replies is not the only way to go. Make an effort to actually study your customers’ buying pattern or behavior as per your analytical insights.

If 25% of your customer base don’t use social media or email for businesses, then they will likely prefer to receive alerts through a simple text. You can also send out birthday greetings addressed to each of the celebrants.

Or, even as simple as addressing your customer by name in your SMS text can create a difference!

The more you make you feel your customers like a VIP, the more they will enjoy doing continued business with you.