Send mass text

send mass text

Send mass text: communicate with your customers

Text marketing services makes it easy for small businesses to send mass text and communicate with their customers about promotions. Who would have thought that a 160-character SMS could be enough to influence people to take action?

Recent studies have shown brands that have “text a prospect after initial contact increased conversion rates by 112.6%”. Customers are likely to repeat business once trust and communication with the brand have been established, and texting is an effective way to do it.

So, if you want to learn to send mass text, read on.

Select your sms marketing service

Choose an SMS marketing service that meets your text message marketing needs. If you want to assign a single point of contact for prospects to join your SMS text alerts, best use a service that offers a mobile short code and a keyword.

Alternatively, if you have an app, a push notification feature is a must. Otherwise, you will be missing out on a lot of business opportunities. This is especially true for businesses like restaurants and retail stores whose customers come and go but are always on the look-out for the newest deals whenever they’re in your service area.

Type of Text Message

Plain text isn’t the only way you can entice a customer. You can also add some spice to your content by adding photos, videos, or audio messaging through MMS (Multimedia Message Service).

However, be aware that customers may be charged per MMS message they receive. So, make it clear in the terms and conditions that data rates may apply for certain text messages.

Don’t forget your call-to-action phrase

For every SMS text you send out, a strong CTA must be strategically placed to let your customers know what they should do after reading it.

You can ask them to respond to the SMS, call, redeem a coupon, or verify their identity. Of course, in order to get a response, you have to make sure that customers will get something in return.

“Download our app now to get 10% on your next purchase.”

“Call 123-456 now to re-schedule your appointment with us.”


Just like how you would greet someone on their birthday, you can also personalize your text messages when you send mass text for a certain group of customers. You may have set a different strategy to market your products and services to VIPs or prospects, so use SMS personalization to your advantage.