Send mass text messages: effective ways to keep your customers informed

send mass text messages

Lots of VIPs to invite to your upcoming special nightclub event? When you send mass text messages it’s one of the fastest ways to get your message across but if you don’t know how to send mass text messages to your customers, here are some fun ways to do it!

1. Choose your mobile keywords

First, pick a keyword that represents your brand. For example, if the name of your club is Downtown Nightclub, you could choose Downtown as the keyword for the campaign.

You must however run a promotional campaign (e.g. flyers, posters, social media, etc.) to let customers know about this so they can opt-in if they like.

“Text Downtown to 123456 to receive exciting offers.”

2. Send a mass text message

Once opt-ins start coming in, start a new campaign with a goal to offer them something they want the most. It could be a discount offer, ladies-only event, free drink, happy hour announcement, VIP reservation, and so on.

However, each customer has their own tastes and preferences. Some may want to receive buy 1 take 1 promos more than coupon codes while some simply ignore any of these things.

To get SMS marketing right, it’s important to divide your subscribers into groups based on how they normally do business with you. And if you have an upcoming event, schedule to send mass text messages to avoid missing out on an opportunity.

3. Create a separate content strategy for your VIPS/exclusive members

When sending a mass text, it’s always a great idea to customize your content strategy depending on your target segment to convert them into paying customers successfully.

What do your VIPs want the most? What do they usually do in your nightclub? What kind of drinks and snacks do they enjoy? How can you make the table reservation process simple and fast for these VIPs?

In conclusion, send mass text messages can be simple and straightforward but to keep customers interested requires a dose of creativity.

So, are you ready to have fun?