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Salon Marketing Tips

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The best salon marketing tips

The concern with beauty is ageless. Wherever we go, we are bombarded by advertisements of ways to get the best hair, skin, and nails. For women and increasingly men, having a self-care routine has become essential, as putting your best foot forward and making a lasting impression is extremely important in the world. In light of this concern, there has been an influx of newcomers in the beauty industry, creating an extremely competitive environment as salons battle it out. Nevertheless, we have your back. This article contains salon marketing tips to help businesses attract customers, boost sales, and prosper. Our tips are a comprehensive guide to make a definite mark in an ever-competitive industry.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing has become extremely common for beauty salons to send out automated appointment reminders to their customers through SMS. Having your customers’ mobile numbers and permission to contact them opens up a valuable opportunity for marketing. Salons can make the most of this by sending them marketing messages, such as latest promotions, or availability of an appointment slot or new services. Salons can also introduce daily deals or limited time offers, this will create incentive and attract customers to the salon. Another reason to use SMS is to help create brand awareness for your salon. Small businesses do not have the resources to advertise on a large scale, use of SMS is cheaper and effective. Engaging in these tips will help build up the customer base faster.


Social Media Marketing

The 2nd of our salon marketing tips involves the use of social media. Social media is easy to use, extremely, cost-effective and simple. One of the biggest social media platforms to ever exist is Facebook. It is inundated with billions of people all of whom are hopelessly addicted to the lure of social media. Their presence is heavy, which is why it is important for businesses to make use of Facebook to promote their business. By making a Facebook page and utilizing Facebook’s marketing parameters to target specific population demographics, salons can make their presence be felt. This can also be done via Instagram. Nearly 31% of American women and 50% of makeup and skincare brands use it, which is why it is essential to have a presence on Instagram. This can be done by making use of professional photo shoots and posting them according to schedule. Another big tool in the arsenal is holding contests on both of these platforms, these garner a lot of publicity.


Email Marketing

The third and last of our salon marketing tips is to make use of email. Regular emails establish a consistent presence and can be used to attract new customers and keep a hold on the existing ones. Emails can be used for various purposes such as marketing new deals, promotions, and new products or to offer loyalty programs, as well as referral bonuses – these are bound to get attention and will create a loyal customer base and add to it. Emails should catch the customer’s eye with headlines such as ‘Open, Surprise Inside!’ or ‘Exciting New Additions!’. Such subject lines are bound to create curiosity which means that such emails are likely to be read.


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