Retail Marketing Strategies

retail marketing strategies

Retail business owners wear so many hats that make it difficult for them to stay on track of their marketing goals. On cold, hard days, paying as much attention to your marketing efforts as you need to can be a pain.

So, if you’re anything like a well-rounded retailer, it’s about time to seek some support to your efforts. Read these 5 retail marketing strategies to help you boost sales today and beyond.


1. Make use of free marketing channels

Are you a social media nerd? Love posting flyers on bulletin boards? Or, do you simply want to put your business on the map? Social media, public bulletin boards, and local business directories are a great way to start.

Take advantage of these free marketing opportunities to attract and drive traffic to your store.


2. Identify your specific target customers

Do you know what your buyer personas are? Can you tell who among your customer base love paying for higher-end products as compared to those who won’t shop unless they’re given a discount?

If not, create a customer profile and sort it out into groups based on traits or behavior. Other retail marketing strategies is to plan your content around these traits. And make sure that there’s an appropriate newsletter, SMS blast, or email for each group to capture their attention effectively.


3. PR and networking opportunities

You may also want to consider contacting other local businesses in your area to get them to partner with you. For example, if you’re running a cupcake shop, partner with a café that doesn’t offer products similar to yours yet.

But if you operate purely online, reach out to influencers and bloggers who may be interested in talking about your products or services on their respective websites.

Overall, network with businesses who are willing to share their customer base with you.


4. Uncontestable product knowledge

It’s important to be knowledgeable about the products you’re selling in order to make personalized recommendations.

For example, customers looking for gifts are likely to listen to suggestions whenever they’re faced with a plethora of options. But if you are able to help them get through this ordeal, you will become a reliable source of gifts related information in their mind.


5. Track your marketing campaign’s progress

First, set measurable goals that you can track and adjust as you move forward with each step in the campaign. Be clear in what you are really trying to achieve. Is it to have more page impressions on social media? Higher click-through-rates on your SMS campaign? Receive more 5-star customer reviews?

Always do a post-campaign evaluation to see all the progress you’ve made. Retail marketing strategies is knowing when to ditch efforts that no longer work and when to continue doing that works best for your business.