Restaurant Texting Ideas

restaurant texting ideas

Like any other business that faces competition, a newly opened restaurant faces tough competition in the consumer market too. This makes it necessary to use marketing strategies that can help the restaurant grow and become successful. Implementing an SMS marketing strategy is the best way to communicate with new and old customers of the restaurant. Apart from building its image, a restaurant needs to work on its customer service as well. Using our restaurant texting ideas can really take a restaurant places and make it a popular spot among people.

Mass Text Messaging

SMS marketing is known for mass text messaging which targets a large number of audience in a small amount of time. With one click, a restaurant can send many texts to an entire contact list. Like any successful company, a restaurant also requires a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team which can find potential clients and update the contact list regularly. Marketing is one of the main ingredients for the success of any restaurant which is why it is necessary for a strong marketing team to look over the SMS marketing strategies.  

Communication has become much easier with time as cell phones, especially smart phones, have become the mode of operation for most people out there. Which is why, it is better to find a way to contact them so they can see and react to the message either instantly or within a short period. Text messages are the solution since they require no internet connection and can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time. People have their mobile phones in their hands most of the time which makes it easier for them to access their text messages and even respond instantly if required. These advantages have led SMS marketing to become one of the most successful marketing strategies in a short time. 

Express Text

Since mass text messaging or SMS marketing has taken over the marketing realm, there are service providers which make the entire process simple and quick. Express Text is a service provider which allows restaurants to sync their contact lists in their system, so text messages can be sent to a large number of people with just a click. While big and famous restaurants can afford expensive marketing techniques, it is difficult for small and new restaurants to spend their budget on strong marketing. Express Text is the answer to their troubles because it is highly cost effective and does not charge any setup fees. Also, along with the messaging service, it provides other features as well which strengthen the marketing skills of any restaurant in no time. The best part is that messages sent are charged at minimal fee that causes no burden on any restaurant.  

Looking into the features of Express Text that restaurants can use to enhance their texting ideas. There are a lot of features, the most important of these features is the contact upload system which is easy for anyone to do. After signing up for the Express Text services, a restaurant can sync its entire contact list on the system. The contacts can also be divided into different categories so the restaurant can send exclusive text messages to some VIP customers for certain events held at or by the restaurant. Express Text is one of the most convenient way to maintain contact with customers and employees without having to type lengthy messages or worry about sending them.  

Short code

Short codes are like numbers which are restricted to texting only. Businesses can choose a short code that is only specific to them, similarly restaurants can also choose short codes that are identified with them only. This way whenever they send texts to people, they can be identified by customers and can communicate with them easily. It is through short codes that restaurants can advertise their offers and limited time discounts to customers. Moreover, a restaurant can also choose a short code where customers can reply to them and send messages for feedback or for reservations. A restaurant can send a text message through its short code to customers that visit it asking them to rate the customer service and food. This is a great and unconventional method of checking on customers after they have left the restaurant as well. In addition, a restaurant can also ask customers to tell them their favorite dish of the day so the restaurant can work on improving the quality and maintain it in the future.  

Staff management

Apart from marketing and advertising, a restaurant can also use text messaging to maintain contact with its employees and staff. It is one of the best ways to keep a check on all employees and making sure that the guests get the best customer service in town. Text messages can be scheduled for staff that change shifts throughout the day. The restaurant can also hold important staff meetings regarding customer service and improvement regarding the restaurant for which sending reminder messages to employees is necessary. A restaurant can send a text message to employees reminding them of the meeting and then also sending encouraging messages for working in the day. This lifts the spirits of the staff and makes them work harder for a better service.

Event Promotion

Restaurants can sponsor or even host events where they can invite a number of their customers. To promote these events, a restaurant can send a text blas by creating excitement among people to attend these events. Providing discounts on event tickets and coupons can also provide an incentive for customers to attend an event. A restaurant can send a text to its customers asking them to text them with their names and location to win a free ticket to a food festival. Restaurants can use Express Text as a support for their mass text messaging by categorizing their clients into lists. Some VIP customers can be sent special texts to be invited to certain events. Old clients can also be targeted by sending them discounts for attending an event or a restaurant can send free tickets to some old customers to make sure that they attend the event. 

Special Discounts

Restaurants need to market themselves in such a way that customers are attracted to it and make frequent visits. Offering limited time discounts and offers is one way of doing this. Restaurants can send text blasts to customers offering a special discount over their menus for a limited time period. To avail these discounts, the customers should send a text to the restaurants. A restaurant can send a text to customers asking them to send the code FOOD to the short code of the restaurant to avail a discount for dinner on that day. This time limited offer gives an incentive to customers to text and use the discount.  


Customers look for updated and tech savvy restaurants and businesses which is why using new methods to attracting customers is necessary. A restaurant can start taking reservations through text messages which provides a convenience to all customers. A restaurant can put up a poster outside to let people know that reservations at the restaurant have become easier and convenient for everyone. All people need to do is send a text to the short code with the number of people a table needs to be reserved for. Customers need something that requires no hassle and less time, hence this is a good way to attract customers and also a good way of marketing the restaurant. Moreover, this technique also sets a restaurant apart from others around it. Sending a text informing the time and date along with the number of people for making a reservation helps the restaurant work more efficiently and smoothly. This means that people do not have to stand in lines or go through the trouble of making a reservation in person. 


When it comes to marketing for a restaurant, text message marketing is one of the best and most convenient options. While being light on the pocket, this technique is highly effective and targets a large audience without going through the hassle of approaching customers individually. The main concept is to provide incentives to customers to visit the restaurant more frequently. Restaurant texting ideas can make marketing restaurants easier and also help get the attention of customers. Text messaging has evolved over time and brought new ideas in the field where it has become easier to communicate with customers in a short period. Ideas, like using short codes, sending limited time discount offers, mobile coupons and putting discounts on event tickets, are some ways to use mass text messaging for restaurants. Using the help of service providers like Express Text, a restaurant does not need to worry about keeping track of messages or about typing out a number of messages. With just one click, a restaurant can send a text message to many of its customers by simply uploading its contact list on the system and even categorizing contacts in various groups.