Restaurant Marketing: Geo-Targeting

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Marketing Restaurant: Geo-Targeting Strategy

Geo-targeting is a new restaurant marketing strategy that can drive sales and business growth. It is also permission-based and can be paired with text messaging.

In fact, studies have shown that 47% of customers won’t mind receiving location-based text messages. And Papa Murphy’s 17% increase in their redemption rates in 2015 can attest to the potential of geo-targeting in converting prospective customers successfully.

Imagine this: You have multiple branches in different areas but potential customers nearby don’t have a way of knowing about your latest offers immediately.

Social media? They’d have to log in for that. Email? So little time to read! Text messaging? Definitely!

So, how can you get started with geo-targeting? Find out below.


Create a signup form

You can start off with creating a signup form on your website to let customers join your contact list.

In your signup form, it’s advisable to give your customers multiple options in which they wish to enroll.

  • Text offers
  • Email and text offers
  • Email offers

Create a field for the following details:

  • Mobile number
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP code

Lastly, state your SMS terms and conditions, including the keyword and mobile short code customers can use to unsubscribe from your geo-targeting list (e.g. “STOP” to 123456).


Offer the customer to join your text promo campaigns

After the customer successfully submits their signup form, send an auto-SMS reply that offers them to receive text alerts as a part of your restaurant marketing campaign.

For example:

“Text JOIN to confirm SMS marketing subscription. Text STOP to end. Msg & data rates may apply.”


Reward your new subscribers

Once the customer confirms their subscription, you can then start sending out text messages whenever they are within close proximity to your restaurant. Though keep in mind that they decided to sign up because they are likely looking forward to receiving what’s in it for them.

Discounts. Deals. Coupons. You name it.

So, where does geo-targeting fit in all this?

There are a whole lot of other geo-targeting options you can use like ZIP code, Store Location, Timezone, Radius, and State Targeting. But the most commonly used option for restaurant marketing is store location targeting.

It works when your system detects customers nearby your location based on the street address, state and ZIP code they’ve written on the signup form. Whenever this happens, your system will send an automatic SMS text to their mobile phones.

And if your text message sounds enticing enough to get their attention, expect them to redeem your offer.