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reach your audience

The success of a business is defined by its amount of sales which is determined by the customers. Marketing the business and its products is the key method used to reach your audience. Text message marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO are the mainstream marketing strategies available for new business setups. However, before marketing a product it is necessary to know the target audience. With the help of a professional marketing and customer relations team, it is possible to shortlist the target audience and use the marketing methods accordingly.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one way to get an idea across to people easily and inexpensively. A business needs to know what kind of audience it should focus on. Sending out subscription offers and mass emails to users educating them about a company is one way to go about it. Most customers do not tend to reply to emails most often but the aim is to reach your audience and leave an impact. This means sending personalized emails that make customers new to the business feel special. For a new business setup focusing on customized t-shirts, the company sending out emails to their audience addressing them with their full names would be professional yet personal. Moreover, attaching a picture of a customized name t-shirt for them would be another way to market the idea of their products. Even though email marketing sounds cliché and unfruitful as compared to other marketing methods, it still contributed to 24%of the business revenue generated up till 2015.

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing or SMS marketing is the result of advancement in technology. To reach your audience through this medium it is important for a business to have an opted-in list and or grow a list using text to join. With the help of such professionals onboard it is easier to shortlist the target audience. Even though text message marketing is similar to email marketing it is slightly informal and short in nature. A company creating handmade jewelry will use its resources to find the right kind of audience for its products which would be women within a certain age bracket. Moreover, after selecting your audience you can send a text blast inviting them to an exclusive discounted exhibition to attract them. The aim of SMS marketing is to raise a brand’s awareness by sending out mass text messages to what is the target audience of the company. Text messages help in getting the point across quickly since it is a popular way of communication these days.

Social Media

Social media has given the perfect opportunity to businesses to market themselves easily. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, just to name a few, make it convenient to reach your audience by simply posting attractive things on pages. A business should create a Facebook page where it is possible to contact the target audience in one go. The business tends to come in contact with the audience in a more direct manner than other marketing methods through social media posts. All a business of shoes with a Facebook page has to do is write a post declaring a 50% sale to university students on their shoes. They catch the attention of the right kind of audience while throwing the business in the limelight. Facebook stores are also an option to make a statement for the audience by making shopping easier for them while scrolling through their favorite social media website. Moreover, to draw the attention of customers it is necessary to win them over with quality. Customer reviews and testimonials posted on social media websites is another way to gain their loyalty. Using ads on the above social media platforms might cost slightly more than email and SMS marketing but it creates a direct impact on social media users.

Search Engine Optimization  

SEO is another great tool to reach customers. Using this technique requires the use of blogging and specifying keywords for a business. However, it also ensures that the name of the business shows up in the top three search engines when people search for the keywords used. Professional writers should be hired who know how to create attractive content for viewers. The idea and words should create an impact on the reader, enough for them to remember the business over time. Moreover, a company can pay a famous blogger to write content about them for the public to read. This way a business does not need to shortlist its audience itself because the right kind is appealed by a blog beforehand. A company making customized photo frames would simply allow a professional blogger to interview them and then write content about the products. This method could cost a little but it ensures a way of reaching out to a target and larger audience.


Apart from mainstream marketing methods, there are ways to reach your audience without increasing marketing expenses. Firstly, relying on the social circle and using the referral approach is simple yet reliable for most businesses. If a company wishes to leave an impact on people, it needs to show determination. Employees of a company could use the old school technique of going door to door to convince people to use their services. In today’s time, however, the target audience should be given an incentive such as an all year round discount voucher for a carpet cleaning company. The goal is to win the audience over and without the use of marketing, it can be done by providing them with attractive offers. Handing out brochures of a limited time offer for buying one pair of shoes and getting another one for free is another way. The company gets to interact with the target audience and know them better this way. A business needs to expand with the help of people which means more customers over time. To make sure that such an expansion happens, it is crucial to know the way to awaken their interest in the business’s ideas.

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