Promote your business in 5 ways

Promote your business

For a successful business, the way it is advocated matters the most. When it comes to promoting your business, using the right kind of strategies is important. There are various methods to promote your business including SMS marketing, email marketing as well as social media marketing. Targeting the perfect consumers with the best strategies should be the key to advertising your business. Moreover, cost is an important aspect that should be considered when advocating a business. A marketing campaign should be able to achieve the right outcome with the least possible use of resources which then determines the success and failure of a business.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing quite commonly known as text messaging has been an integral part of marketing over the years. Not only is it known to be inexpensive but it can also target a higher number of consumers. To achieve the best results in SMS marketing to promote your business, there are certainly important aspects. Firstly, the business should know its target audience and focus on it with the help of a marketing team. A business focusing on custom made handbags should focus on women within a certain age group to send text messages. For this, a professional team is required which help in shortlisting the desired audience. Text messages can be sent to clients updating them about upcoming sales and offers regarding the products. Moreover, SMS marketing is more up to date and improves brand image. As compared to emails which have a response rate of a mere 6%, text messages have a response rate of 45%. None the less, text messages sent to the target audience should be short while creating a connection between the business and them. Not only is this marketing strategy affordable, but it is also one of the most successful to help your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another widely used promotion method. In 2016 email marketing became the most paid for marketing method in the world. Emails can help your business in a more long-term manner. They are most convenient to send to consumers especially if a business wants them to remain in touch with their ideas. Similar to SMS marketing, email marketing is also cheap and convenient for a large number of people. A new business setup for product delivery can email consumers and update them about offers for the promotion of their business or ask them to register for a loyalty program with added benefits for them. Consumers might not reach out instantly but the emails keep them aware of the business’s new ideas. More importantly, email marketing achieves the sense of personal contact which creates a bond between the customer and the business. Email marketing achieves its purpose of publicizing a business while remaining easy on the budget.

Social Media Marketing

With technology on the rise, social media marketing is nothing new when it comes to helping promote your business. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter along with many others are the perfect platforms to initiate the advertising campaign of a business. Making pages on Facebook and Instagram for publicity is the first step to bring it into the attention of users. The benefit of this marketing strategy is that one can form a direct relationship with potential customers. However, a business should learn to treat this method as an investment due to the costs involved. Any social media platform allows a business to promote itself while charging a fee but the cost is not unaffordable for a new business. These pages allow customers to interact with the business on a personal level and even provide reviews regarding products and services provided. Social media marketing attracts a large number of people and helps the business expand as customers share page links within their social circle. Small retail business of phone covers and accessories can get the attention of a big audience once it makes a Facebook page. This initiative also helps the business to reach the level of E-commerce which is another marketing strategy similar to social media marketing.


E-commerce is another approach that helps promote your business. An important factor in E-commerce is the use of social media marketing to attract customers. The first step required here is to make a website for the business while also making pages on social media websites. A professional team cannot only design a perfect website for a business but also link the Facebook or Instagram pages to it so it is both user-friendly and accessible. A small business involved in the retail of phone covers and accessories can use the idea of E-commerce to sell their products to customers. The key factor here is to provide the customers with the best service and to maintain the quality of products to keep the business successful. Customers can easily preview products before buying them with the help of this method which helps in making it successful. Moreover, E-commerce is a strategy targeting those customers who prefer purchasing products without going outside their homes.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is another method used to promote your business. The main job in this strategy is to shortlist keywords linked to the business and use a competitive team to write blogs focusing on these keywords. This allows the business to appear in the top search engines as people search for the keywords used. Similar to social media marketing, this marketing strategy also costs since websites charge a fee to allow a business to appear in the top search engines. A carpet cleaning business will shortlist keywords such as carpet cleaning, brand new carpets and so on after which blogs written using these keywords will be added to the website. So whenever a person will type the keywords, the business website will pop up in the first few search engines. This method is indirect as it attracts the customers without marketing the product. It is effective since the top searches show the best options for customers searching for products.

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