Nightclub SMS

nighclub sms

The conventional way nightclubs promote their events is through flyers and posters. However, in recent time, technology has improved and there are newer techniques to promote a nightclub. Email marketing, social media marketing, text message marketing, TV and radio broadcasting are some of the marketing techniques that can be used to promote a nightclub. Out of all these marketing techniques, the text message marketing which is also known as SMS marketing is not properly utilized, and it is the most effective method for nightclubs to promote their shows and events. Nightclubs faces a lot of challenges, like attracting new customers and marketing themselves. Nightclubs have a very competitive market, it only makes sense to have a marketing strategy that is effective, cheap and provides immediate result. 

Why SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is effective for creating brand awareness, everyone in this present age has a mobile device which have the ability to receive and send text messages. According to research 98% of the text messages sent are opened within 3 minutes by the recipient. This statistic has shown how effective text message marketing is for creating brand awareness for nightclubs. Messages sent from nightclubs through SMS goes directly to customer’s mobile device, and this makes customers have the VIP feeling for receiving notifications about the nightclub directly on their device. Also, many nightclub operators who are using the marketing technique have made testimonies of how SMS marketing has helped to increase the turnout in their events and night shows. In addition, compared to email marketing, SMS marketing has a fast open rate. This is important on a slow night; nightclub promoters can send out text messages to people around that location to increase the turnout at the club. 

How to start

To start a marketing campaign, nightclub owners would need to subscribe to a service provider like Express Text which provides the platform and the necessary features for nightclub owners to promote their events. The nightclub would have to upload the contact information of their customers on the website of the service provider. 

Picking a keyword is also important in starting a marketing campaign. A nightclub’s keyword should be simple and easy to remember, and also unique to the particular nightclub brand. For example, a nightclub named Rave can have its keyword as “RAVE” in order for people to easily remember.  

The next step is to create a Short Code. A short code is used for text messaging and it is usually 5 to 6 digits long. This short codes are used to send messages to customers to inform them of special offers or relay specific information within a certain period of time. Short code is used in replace of a phone number, but only to send text messages. A nightclub can use the short code ‘9097’ to send a text message to customers to inform them of a 15% discount on tickets into the nightclub for 2 days by sending ‘RAVE’ to the short code 9097. The short code helps in differentiating the text message from other messages or businesses and it attracts more attention because of the uniqueness of the number. A nightclub can choose its short code and use it to send such information to customers with just one click. Also, a nightclub can decide which category of customers to send the message to. For example, college students can get a message of 20% discount and new customers can get a message of 30% discount.  

Furthermore, creating an auto reply. This is a text that automatically sends to contacts after they opt in to the marketing campaign. It is important for nightclub owners to include a confirmation message for subscription and other valuable offer. This important as customers love being reward with instant incentives. Promoting the contact list is another important step. Nightclub promoters should provide a valuable opt in incentive for new subscribers. Nightclub owners need to make the offer attractive, so customers can’t say no. Nightclub owners can promote their contact list by posting it on their social media accounts, sending out emails etc. 

How to get new contacts

One of the biggest challenges for nightclub owners who are using the text message marketing to promote their shows and events for the first time is creating a subscriber list. Building a strong and large list takes some time. However, there are a few things nightclub owners can do to make the process easier. Nightclub promoters would have to consider launching a cross channel marketing effort. They also have to create a long code campaign with a mobile communications provider, and place competing calls to action encouraging people to text to subscribe to the mobile list on the print and online promotions. Using a cross channel strategy is a good way to increase sign-ups for a nightclub messaging campaigns. Offering something unique and exciting is another way to continue growing a strong and active contact list. Everybody loves feeling valued and special, especially customers. If a nightclub wants to get the attention of their customers with SMS messaging, offering them something special is a good way to start. Nightclub owners should consider creating a VIP offer campaign to increase the mobile subscribers’ interest. There are several ways nightclub owners can plan their campaign strategy, from sharing VIP coupon for a drink, offering exclusive VIP seats at the club, or waiving the cover charge for the first hundred customers who reply to the messaging campaign. The idea is to create an offer that customers wouldn’t want to refuse. Sending reminders to customers, while deciding to use text message marketing for nightclub promotions. Informing subscribers about upcoming events a couple of days before the event is a good marketing strategy. This gives customers plenty of time, and allows them to connect with friends in order to make plans to attend the event. Nightclub promoters should consider reminding their customer through text messaging about the event as the day draws closer. This would help keep it fresh in their minds and unlikely for them to forget. A little reminder goes a long way when it comes to boosting attendance at a nightclub. Bartenders and waiters can wear specially printed t-shirts promoting a text to win competition with the winners picked at random. This is another way in which nightclubs can get new contacts. Posters can be pasted around town including the keyword and short codes of the nightclub.  

Uses of nightclub SMS

The fact that customers take their mobile devices with them everywhere means that nightclub promoters have access to customers anytime and anywhere. SMS marketing has a lot uses for the successful running of a nightclub, and Some of the uses are: 

Getting the word out in time  

Text message marketing is very fast and efficient marketing tool. Due to the limitless amount of customers. SMS can reach out to customers at the same time within a short period of time. Nightclub owners can easily spread out message about an event and get positive responses immediately. 


SMS marketing can be used as a strategy to find out how a nightclub can improve its services. Nightclub owners can use text message marketing to find which band, or musician the customers want to see. The same also goes regarding drinks and promotional rights. The feedbacks given through SMS is a step in the right direction regarding what the nightclub’s next marketing promotion or strategy would be. 


SMS can be used to promote special night events in the club such as; ladies’ night, guest appearances etc. the promotional messages can be targeted to a specific targeted audience since the contact list uploaded can be categorized.  


Text messages can be used by nightclub promoters to hold competitions for customers. Having a competition that allows customers to participate via SMS in order to win certain special offers or discounts.  


Text message marketing allows nightclub owners to interact with their customers and give them a better social experience. Customers can decide interact with the club promoters and decide what would be on the club’s playlist, or what drink they want through text messaging. This type of communication and interaction between nightclub promoters and the customers via SMS would increase club attendance and membership which is important for the success of any nightclub events or shows.  

In conclusion SMS marketing is the way forward for nightclubs, and it is the answer to every promotional and marketing problems of any nightclub. It being a cost effective marketing technique is the perfect marketing technique for nightclubs to take advantage of. It is an easy way to communicate directly with the targeted consumers. It is important to embrace the new mobile marketing strategy, text message marketing will bring immediate positive effect to a nightclub. There is no powerful tool for promoting events and shows at a nightclub than SMS marketing. Text message marketing is very effective marketing technique as it allows constant access to customers, and helps to build a relationship with them and find out what will keep them coming back.