Nightclub Marketing – Grow Attendance

nightclub marketing

4 Nightclub Marketing Tips to Increase attendance

A well-thought-out nightclub marketing strategy is key to getting more people right at your door. People will simply not show up if they didn’t know a thing or two about your nightclub as well as some events they might be interested in.

So, if you already have a few ideas but need further guidance, take inspiration from these tips below.


Create a unique brand

How would you like your customers to see your nightclub as? The best bar in town for ladies? Most amazing spot for large groups of friends? For the classy and sophisticated?

A unique brand will gain you a decent amount of following, which is very important in the nightclub business because attendance is everything. So, stick to a brand that your target audience won’t find anywhere else.


Build a VIP text list

As you establish your brand, be consistent all the way. Next thing you know; you already have a group of customers that you can call VIPs. Take this as an opportunity to grow your nightclubs subscribers and invite them to join your text loyalty program where they can receive something in return for joining your VIP text loyalty program. For example, let’s say you own a club in West Hollywood called LA Bliss. You might want to reserve the keyword LABLISS on your text blast service. Patrons will then text the word LABLISS to your 6-digit mobile short code number 123456 to join your exclusive mobile loyalty rewards program.

After opting in, your patrons receive an automated text response. This message is called the auto reply. It includes a confirmation of subscription, opt in offer details, and a compliance statement. An auto reply for La Bliss might look something like this:

You’re now officially on the LA Bliss VIP List! Show this text to skip the line and for FREE entry before midnight tonight! Reply Stop to End. 

Such nightclub marketing loyalty programs will bring in new customers as word of mouth about your nightclub spread through those regulars or VIPs. Repeat customers always mean that you’re doing a great job in keeping your customers happy, so this builds up your good reputation in the local scene as well.


Open up your nightclub to sponsored events

Ever received an invitation by a beverage company to host a sponsored event at your club? Don’t pass on this chance!

Often, these sponsors give their products to you at little to no cost. This gives you the opportunity to hold happy hours or free-flowing drinks for three hours.


Invite bands or DJs

One of the most effective nightclub marketing strategies is to hold afterparties at your place. An afterparty isn’t complete without a guest band or DJ, so reach out to a concert promoter to help you find one.

Aside from your regulars, the fans of these bands or DJs will likely come visit your nightclub, too. Consider having an admission cost for each guest, hiring promoters to attract people who live and breathe clubbing, most importantly promoters who spend some effort promoting this event on social media sites and via text message marketing. 

Your nightclub marketing strategy should always start with establishing your brand and image. This will help you build a base of sought-after customers and make you last in the nightlife business.