Mobile SMS Marketing: rules and conduct of coduct

mobile sms marketing

Are you new to mobile SMS marketing and want to play by the rules? Want to build instant trust and credibility with your customers?

Just like any other marketing programs, SMS carries some issues that require a certain level of control by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

With that, MMA has developed a five-element Code of Conduct (COC) for SMS marketing to protect every consumer’s right to privacy as well as to keep companies following the best practices only. Because otherwise, you will lose customers and receive backlash that you might be unable to recover from.

So, to avoid such complications, read the five elements of Code of Conduct for mobile MS marketing below:


Notice is also known as your Terms and Conditions about the products or services you offer.

Consumers should be provided with all information they should know to make decisions about joining your mobile SMS marketing programs. Disclose what types of text messages they will receive and the number of times in a week/day/month they should be sent out.

Choice and Permission

If your consumers don’t like to receive three messages in a week, better listen and follow. They do have a choice and they can opt-out of your subscriber’s list for this reason.

Give choice and consent by creating an efficient opt-in and opt-out process through a web/SMS form.

Customization and Limitation

Use the information collected to divide your contact list accordingly. For example, group customers who prefer to receive discount coupons more than free shipping.

Don’t forget that it is also your responsibility to send text messages that only provide value to customers. Avoid spam content and messages that have nothing to do with what your customers want to receive.


While the MMA is not a governing authority that controls mobile SMS marketing, this doesn’t mean that companies are free to choose whether they want to abide by the code of conduct.

In fact, companies have an obligation to comply with the following federal and state laws:

• Companies should disclose any charges that may apply to receiving or responding to their text messages
• Subscribers should be 18 years of age or older; or,
• Minors must submit parental consent
• Subscribers may opt out by sending “STOP” to a mobile short code
• Subscribers should be able to use “HELP” to receive customer support in regards to their SMS subscription


Keep all customers’ personal information private and secure. It’s unethical to even share or sell your subscribers to other companies without their consent, so be sure to create a standard operating procedure regarding user data protection.

The MMA Code of Conduct serves as a guideline concerning customer data collection, SMS marketing, rate charges, and subscriptions. But it’s one of the first steps that once taken, you can never go back because it’s the very foundation of any mobile SMS marketing campaign.

What is mobile SMS marketing?

SMS or text marketing is a permission-based, opt-in only instant delivery messaging system that delivers targeted text marketing messages to your customers in an efficient and cost-effective way.

What are the benefits of mobile SMS marketing?

Over 95% of text messages received on mobile devices are opened and read within 3-5 minutes of receipt, and more than 45% are responded to by customers. At pennies per text, SMS marketing is one of the cheapest and best ways to reach new and existing customers.

How do you use mobile SMS marketing?

Just sign up for a free account with an online texting platform like Express Text, upload or add a list of phone numbers, create groups, and start sending out your mobile marketing messages right away!

How much does mobile SMS marketing cost?

Mobile text marketing is free to get started, with a limited amount of numbers and keywords. As your call list, outreach and business needs grow, you can upgrade to a different pricing tier to get all the features you need.