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mobile marketing vs traditional marketing

Mobile Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

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Mobile Marketing VS Traditional Marketing: benefits, pros and cons

Want to get the best of both worlds? Or just confused which method to use? Either way, this article will help you understand what’s the deal with mobile marketing vs traditional marketing.

But first, let’s define the terms.

Traditional marketing involves mainly in the promotion or advertisement of products or services through print ads (newspapers, magazines, flyers), TV and radio commercials, and direct mail marketing (mail and telephone).

Meanwhile, mobile marketing is a technique used by marketers who want to reach customers with mobile devices through SMS, MMS, social media, in-app ads, email, and websites.

So, to find out which marketing method is best for your business, read below.


Traditional Marketing


Stay on the mind of your customers– A neuroscientific study has shown that direct mail materials were a lot easier to understand and process by customers mentally than its digital counterparts (display ads).

Allows on hand, direct experience – Flyers can be kept for future reference. Free food tasting or product testing provides direct and real experience. Customers can keep your giveaways. Your customers will have an easy way to understand what your business is about and how they can benefit from it.



Can be costly– It’s no secret that radio and TV commercials, even print ads on magazines, can be very expensive. And in some cases, you’ll have to hire some people to distribute such materials.


Mobile marketing 


Market to your customers anywhere they may be– If you’re an international online clothing store, you can easily reach customers not only based on location but also age, gender, and interests.

Automate your marketing efforts – There are a lot of digital marketing tools that you can use to automate a few of your efforts like auto-responses, opt-ins, and content scheduling. And with the help of chatbots, you can even interact with your customers without actually being there in front of your screen.

Pocket-friendly– Aside from the fact that you can do a campaign on your own, mobile marketing, in general, is cheaper than traditional marketing yet effective in terms of ROI.

Monitor your campaigns easily– Web analytics and results tracking tools are accessible and easy to use. So, you’ll be able to see which campaigns are working out just fine and which need adjustments.



Requires a bit of a learning curve – If you want to keep the marketing side of the business all to your own, you will need to stay up to date with the latest mobile marketing trends and strategies. You will also have to learn a lot about this method before you could start a campaign of your own. But the good thing is there are a lot of sources you can read online including free online courses.

In choosing between mobile marketing vs traditional marketing, there’s no easy way to tell you which method is best for you because it depends on your budget and top marketing goals.

If you’re on a tight budget and your goal is to raise brand awareness, it makes no sense to invest in a TV commercial. However, alternatively, there’s mobile marketing to help you spread the word via SMS or display ads for a price you can afford.


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