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3 Mobile Marketing Trends that will Drive Sales Growth in 2018

Advertising and marketing agencies have a few things to catch up on in terms of mobile marketing trends that will be extremely useful in the long-run. If 2017 was a successful year to integrate mobile marketing in your digital media plans, 2018 is no different. Only that you’ll be witnessing the advent of new strategies and technologies.

The next 10 months will be crucial for advertisers and brands to create moments that customers want to experience as they go mobile in their online activities.

What are these latest trends then? Let’s dive in.


Programmatic advertising continues to rise

Advertisers will likely rely more on display advertising to maintain a chunk of their market share while targeting more potential customers wherever possible online. However, if your ads are all over the place and don’t really serve your brand objectives well, then you’re just wasting time and money.

For 2018, it is recommended to play an active role in getting on private marketplaces where you can see its inventory, make direct deals and bid on ads that you see fit for your goals.

You’re basically able to check out the publisher’s premium inventory before it goes live on open exchanges, giving you that competitive edge against bidders who don’t have access to a private marketplace.


Advent of voice search and other new user interfaces

If you want to make the most of mobile marketing trends, it makes sense to pay attention to the number of mobile queries you receive via voice search. In 2016, Google reported that 20% of these queries were done through voice search.

Not to mention that 40% of adults and 55% of teenagers use voice search on a daily basis. MediaMath President Mike Lamb believes that “ambient computing environment” is here and we’ll see more of it in Google Home, Alex and Echo.

Voice search is just one of the many ways consumers can have an easier way to interact with brands they follow.


Augmented Reality to improve the mobile shopping experience

Augmented Reality (AR) is a type of mobile device technology that lets you add graphics and sounds on to objects found in your natural environment. Pokemon Go is a perfect example of AR, where users can see a Pokemon appear in front of their phone screens at certain locations and capture them.

Does AR sound familiar now?

IKEA’s AR is another example, in which consumers can virtually do interior decor fittings with IKEA products against an empty space in the room.

Photo: Digiday

Overall, these top 3 mobile marketing trends can bring you closer towards your brand objectives. However, if you contemplate on using new technologies like AR and artificial intelligence, it’s best to also re-evaluate your IT spend for 2018.


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