Mobile Marketing for car dealerships

mobile marketing for car dealerships

Mobile Marketing for Car Dealerships Convert More Leads into Sales than Email

Want to close on car deals faster than before? Universal City Nissan Internet sales director Tony McKinney believes that mobile marketing is the way to go.


Universal City Nissan Case Study

In 2015, McKinney found a way to help Universal City Nissan convert their leads faster into sales. The California-based Nissan dealer has only been connecting with potential car buyers through email at the time.

However, the conversion rate for email leads is low. Approximately 2% of those who respond to online offers are ready to make a deal. Not to mention the fact that dealers need to make 5 to 12 contacts to make a buyer say “yes”, according to McKinney.


What did McKinney do?

SMS Marketing came like an answered prayer. The Nissan sales director was all ears and decided to sign-up for a mobile messaging service.

It only took McKinney less than two weeks to notice that their sales have improved. One online sales representative had sold 15 cars and most leads came from their mobile marketing campaigns.

Finally, they are hitting 10% to 15% conversion rates, which when compared with email is more than five times higher.


To join the text messaging bandwagon or not?

 As with any dealerships, making sales is a top priority while after-sales service comes second. SMS helps you connect with your car buyers and make follow-ups conveniently.

For example:

An interested buyer walks into your showroom but ends up wanting to think things through. You may then ask for their contact info to send them great deals they can’t resist via text messaging.

“Buy your dream car now and get $1000 worth of gas and other freebies.”

 The potential buyer will likely contact you again to ask for more info. And that’s when you know he’s more than 75% ready to buy a car.

This goes to show how mobile marketing for car dealerships works as an effective two-way communication channel that encourages customer loyalty and engagement.

So, if you want to convert more leads into sales, SMS can give you that fighting chance to soar high up the market.


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