MMS VS SMS: What is the difference and should you be using both?


Are you having a difficult time choosing between MMS vs SMS for your business? How do they differ? Which of the two offers better benefits that will give you that competitive advantage?

MMS Marketing

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send texts that may contain photos, videos and audio messages to your customers.

MMS is best used in promoting new products and services through multimedia content. Say you’re planning to introduce your latest milk tea flavors, send out an MMS message that contains a photo of these flavors to entice customers to visit your shop on the launch date.

However, MMS only allows up to 500KB of data per message or a 30-second audiovisual file.


  • Customers are likely to remember your products or services when a text promo comes with photos or videos


  • Data rates may apply when a customer receives and opens MMS messages


SMS Marketing

As you may already know, the majority of consumers nowadays prefer to contact and be contacted by brands via text messaging. Fact is they no longer have the extra time to be put on hold or even browse through web pages.

By using an SMS marketing service, businesses can send a text message to contact thousands of subscribed customers and reach them instantly.


  • Customers can read and open text messages instantly
  • Businesses are likely to receive responses within 90 seconds
  • A great addition to any mobile marketing strategy


  • SMS is limited to 160 characters per message
  • SMS marketers may get too personal with the messages they send if they’re not being mindful of their customers’ preferences

Between MMS vs SMS, the latter obviously wins but don’t leave MMS out of your marketing strategy completely as you may have a use for it.

For example, if you want to spread the word fast about your newest pastry by texting. What better way to show it off than sending out its first photo? Alternatively, use SMS if you simply want to make an announcement and offer discounts on everything on a first come, first serve basis.

What is the difference between MMS vs SMS?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service” and refers to the short text messages sent and received on cell phones and mobile devices, while MMS stands for “Multimedia Message Service” and can include pictures, audio or video along with text.

What are the advantages of MMS vs SMS?

MMS allows you to send more than just text and hyperlinks; you can include digital images of flyers for special events, sales or discounts, as well as promotional audio or video messages along with text information and hyperlinks.

Can you send MMS vs SMS with bulk messaging?

Online bulk messaging services like Express Text allow you to send out mass texts in whatever form you choose, whether a simple SMS text or a full-featured MMS message. Remember that additional charges may apply for sending MMS messages, since the message uses more data.

Does sending MMS vs SMS cost more?

Sending MMS may cost more than a simple text SMS, depending on the content. Images, audio and video use more data to send and receive, which depending on your carrier may or may not be charged until the customer opens the message.