MMS Messaging

mms messaging

Spice up your SMS marketing campaign by adding MMS messaging as part of your strategy. MMS is best used for creating much more interactive content like voice messages, short video stories, and images.

With its multimedia function, MMS is an effective way to boost your currently existing SMS campaign. When promoting a product, visually compelling messages can give customers that much needed a boost to finally take action – either by clicking on your hyperlinked text or dropping by your store.

So in what areas can MMS messaging help enhance your marketing efforts? Find out below.

Customer engagement

Keep your customers interested by giving them what they want to see and hear regularly. MMS is a great alternative to customers who do not spend long hours on social media or email per day. So, they are likely to get bored with receiving the same text messages over and over again.

You can keep them engaged with your business by sending a good amount of diverse content, from running contests and surveys to sending promotional materials.


Retail shops and restaurants can promote their discount deals better with multimedia messages. Accompany your printable coupon with a relevant photo to engage a customer deeply.

If you have something to promote, you can add links to videos or photo galleries into your text message. However, make sure that you use a link shortener tool to keep everything within 160 characters.

MMS messaging is a good platform to raise brand awareness and improve the customer journey. Not only can it give your current SMS campaign a great boost, but it also has a few advantages over social media and email.

MMS messages always go straight into a recipient’s inbox. And like SMS, it also has a high open rate of 90% in comparison to 42% for social media and 22% for email, according to Frost & Sullivan.