Mass Texting Software


Mass texting software is the latest addition to the ever-growing communication tools. It’s a powerful data application that marketers use to communicate with their target audience and boost business growth.

But what do marketers see exactly in SMS?

Text messaging is one of the cheapest ways to achieve a very high open and response rate. And if your target audience is mainly composed of millennials, the results are even better. Studies have shown that this prominent generation prefer to communicate through text messaging more than any other tools like email.

In fact, 68% admit to exchanging SMS often on the regular in comparison to 47% of Generation X. They also read and open these messages instantly, so even business related alerts can be opened within seconds.

However, if you’re stuck at a so-so rate despite this huge potential, know that there are some pro tips on how to boost it with a mass texting software.

Personalize your number and text messages

To make your brand become even more recognizable, personalize your mobile short code by getting a dedicated short code.

Additionally, make use of the data you collected to create relevant text messages. For example, use a customer’s interests or transaction history to know which products they like. Promote these products through a mass texting software and improve your chances of eliciting a response by incorporating an irresistible offer.


Write strong call-to-action (CTA) phrases

Do you have an upcoming three-day sale? An anniversary promo? Or contests? Use some compelling CTAs to encourage your customers to take action immediately.

Here are some examples:

  • Show this code to redeem offer. Ask customers to show their unique promo code to the sales associate to redeem it.
  • Click to RSVP. Perfect for events that require 100% commitment from an interested customer.
  • Click to join/win. If you’re promoting a contest, include a link in your text message where they can enter their personal details to win some prizes.
  • Text “keyword” to opt out. Always give your customers the option to opt out of your SMS marketing campaigns. For example, text “STOP” to 123456 to unsubscribe.

Practice good timing

Since you’ll be doing a lot of texting, it may feel like it’s too personal sometimes. But don’t get carried away too much and assume that your customers will be okay with receiving alerts twice a day.

Always time your SMS activities right to avoid causing annoyance. The rule of thumb is to send SMS when your customers are active the most during the day. Or, if you’re running a sale event, remind them 24 hours before it starts.

Lastly, any mass texting software can only be as powerful as you want it to if you know how to use it right. The key is to learn a lot of things about your customers first before you can communicate something relevant to them through SMS and eventually, see your response rate skyrocket over time.

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