Mass Text – marketing your business through a mass text system


Mass text is a form of marketing used by businesses. Through a mass text system businesses can send one text message to a large number of users at the same time. This way, they save time and resources in getting a message across.

The easiest way to send out mass text is through an SMS marketing platform. This is because these platforms are easier to use and affordable as compared to text messaging apps. Not only can businesses send out texts in bulk, but they can also customize texts, send out scheduled texts, track open rates, response rates, and delivery rates, interact with customers, receive feedback and do so much more.

Traditionally, advertising on a mass scale reduces personalization but that is not the case with mass text. Mass text is considered the most intimate form of advertising because even though text messages are sent out in bulk, each customer receives them individually and they can interact personally with the business as well. This creates more customer loyalty as users will feel important if they are being given such personalized attention.

Statistics prove these assumptions right. EZ texting says that mass text is such an effective tool because texts have a 98% open rate with a 45% response rate. High open rates can also be accounted to the fact that SMS does not require an internet connection so people can read them at any time. Moreover, 33% of adults prefer texting over any other form of communication which is a large number because cellphones and smartphones are more widely used by the younger generation due to the new technology that not all adults are familiar with. Also, SMS communication is much simpler than other apps so it has the highest engagement rates as well.

Another benefit of mass text is that it has a highly targeted audience. Unlike advertisements, which are shown on large screens everywhere so that it can catch people’s attention, text messages can be sent to the users for which the service or product being sold to is relevant. This reduces costs by an extremely huge margin. However, like everything, mass text also has its drawbacks. Some people do not prefer to receive unwanted text messages so it’s important to make sure that all texts sent are only to customers who subscribed to received them. If not people will respond negatively to spam messages which can tarnish the image of a business so companies need to make sure that they comply with the rules and regulations of SMS marketing privacy and data protection. Moreover, people can be hesitant to respond to a message if they are not sure that it is authentic. Thus, users have to be very careful and it is up to the business to make sure that the texts they send are as authentic and professional as possible so as to ease their subscribed customers and gain their trust.

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