Mass Text Messaging


Mass text messaging is the process of sending out texts in bulk i.e. to a large number of users at the same time, through a mass texting software. Mass texting is used by businesses such as media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands for different kinds of purposes including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing. This is done to promote their brand and interact with their consumers.

Text Marks states the four different reasons mass text messaging is used, one is to communicate with groups. Hundreds and even thousands of messages can be sent within seconds and reach people at the same time. Secondly, a business can grow rapidly through SMS marketing. It allows a brand to acquire customers, engage with them and hence retain them. Thirdly, and this is a big plus for customers, information can be provided on demand since the use of smartphones has greatly increased and customer support is available 24 hours a day. Lastly, mass texting also generates leads i.e. new contacts are made and built thus improving the company’s customer base.

Twilio claims that a text message is read 98% of the time within 4 minutes of receiving it whereas emails are only opened 22% of the time. Since SMS is a channel more preferred by customers, Twilio gives an insight on how to build a good text messaging system. Corporations and other organizations use mass texting when they want to make an announcement, send out a reminder or communicate with their consumers for any other purposes. They can do this by requesting an API (Application Programming Interface) which is a software-to-software interface that enables two applications to exchange data among each other. This allows them to send relevant data to a targeted audience so that they can achieve better results.

Mass text messaging is not only useful for businesses looking to reach more consumers and earn higher profits; it also comes in handy to organizations such as schools. Mass text can be used by teachers to send students homework, remind them about an upcoming test, send homework material and so on and so forth. Instead of email, this is a much faster approach and even other mobile channels are becoming outdated due to mass text marketing.

Hyperlinks are attached in marketing texts so that users who are interested in details can access those online without everyone having to read a long, monotonous text. According to MailChimp as cited by Clickatell, only 4.2% of all emails result in a click which is quite a low rate for direct marketing. Mass texting systems, however, send out texts that have a 19% click through rate, making it the most effective method of marketing. While usually all kinds of advertisements are considered spam or annoying to customers, be it in-store, online or direct, a survey conducted found that 90% of customers who participated in an SMS loyalty program realized they gained some value from it. There are more chances of customers availing exclusive deals and offers if sent through SMS. Hence, mass text messaging is a highly efficient method for business promotion and other uses.

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