Mass Text Messaging Service

mass text messaging service

Benefits of marketing your business with a mass text messaging service

A Mass text messaging service is a quick and easy method to promote a business. While being light on the pocket it also helps in targeting a large audience in a small amount of time. To gain the attention of customers, short text messages can be sent to them to market the business. Text messages can be customized according to various customers helping the business stand out from other competitors in the market. A Mass text messaging service is used by a large number of businesses to promote themselves.


Benefits of mass text messaging

Affordability is the focus of both small and large businesses when it comes to promoting their business. Mass texting is highly affordable since it sends text messages to a large number of customers at the same time at minimal costs. Moreover, when it comes to targeting a larger number of people, mass texting is most helpful since the same text can be sent to many people with one click. While many other marketing methods exist, SMS marketing or mass text messaging is the most popular way to promote a business. When compared to email marketing where there’s only a 20% opening rate, 98% of the text messages are opened by customers within a mere 5 seconds. This makes it the most preferred method of marketing for a business.

Apart from being affordable, mass texting is also quick. With one click, text messages can be sent to all customers and clients. Express text is a mass text messaging service which allows businesses to create and send a text to a large number of customers at the same time. Not only does it attract the wanted attention for booming businesses, it also keeps customers updated with new offers and promotions.


Maintaining contact

An important aspect of a mass text messaging service is that it forms a direct form of communication between the business and the customers. Mass texting is the best way to maintain contact with customers and to update them regularly. For Christmas, a company can send a text blast to its customers to avail a special discount. This way, a business can relay only specific information to its clients and also give them a sense of a personal relationship with the company. Such a way of marketing the business helps in boosting the growth and sales which determines the success of the company in the long run.


Express Text

With Express Text businesses can send bulk text messages via shortcode to opted-in subscribers to gain attenti0n. A business will send a text to customers offering discounts or even memberships. A text message can also be customized for a list of customers. A company can shortlist its old clients and new ones and offer a higher discount to its old clients through express text’s SMS marketing platform. Sending out text messages can help with brand awareness and it promotes the businesses products effectively.


Text to join

When promoting a business through a mass text messaging service, it is necessary to provide incentives to customers to attract them to the business. Marketing your text to join campaign on social media, your website and even through email campaigns could help you increase your total amount of opted-in subscribers. A message can be posted or sent telling both old and new customers to text and join a new loyalty program only available via texting to avail special discounts and offers. A clothing company can set up a world like SHOP and tell customers to text the word SHOP to a shortcode like 545454 to become part of this new loyalty discount group. Once customer’s text in they’ll automatically be added to the businesses list so they can receive future offers, new products and updates via text messages and they’ll also automatically receive a discount offer via text as promised for joining.


Customized messages and rewarding customer loyalty

A customer will always feel special when they are sent a personalized text message from a business. Which is why, it is necessary to make customized messages for a group of customers to make sure that they remain loyal customers for a long period of time. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team, or someone that is part of the marketing team, can make categories of customers and use this technique for marketing campaigns to boost the business. A company celebrating its first anniversary can send out event invites through customized text messages to only a handful of its customers and offer them a discount if they respond back using a specific word.

Moreover, making bonds with the clients is necessary for success which is why a company must send out personalized messages on events such as birthdays. Customer loyalty is important for any business and making the customers feel special can ensure this loyalty to persist. With information of old customers stored, a company can send out a birthday message while offering a 20% discount to the customers on that day.


Marketing your website 

Mass text messaging can also be used to market the other techniques used by a business such as the official website. Using SMS marketing as a tool to spread the word about the website can help boost the business easily. Text messages can be sent to either the entire list of customers or to certain groups to subscribe to the official website and gain customer loyalty program benefits from the company. A text can be sent out by a clothing company to its customers to subscribe to the website and join the customer loyalty program to avail discounts up to 50% on the stock. Moreover, hyperlinks can also be added in these short messages so customers can easily open the link and follow the website and online page for the company.


Necessary feedback

A business can only remain successful if it receives and accepts feedback from its customers. Texting can be an easy way to ensure that customers respond and provide their useful feedback to help the business grow. A company can send out a short text survey asking customers their opinion towards there services and or features this way a company can assess its strengths and weaknesses while also improving its services according to the customers’ wishes.


Market potential

While the main task of marketing is to ensure customer loyalty, it also helps in reaping another market potential. Old customers can be looked after through text reminders and personalized text messages whereas finding new customers come with providing incentives for them to buy the products and services. Since mobile phones are used everywhere by almost every other person, the market potential of finding new customers is really high. Mass texting can attract these customers with the right techniques used. Text messages can be sent to an entire list of people asking them to join the customer loyalty program within a limited time period to avail a buy one and get one free offer. In such cases, there is no need to set groups and categories. Rather, text messages can be sent to an entire list of people to gain their attention and promote the business accordingly.


Automated responses

Mass text messaging can also be used to send automated replies to the customer to let them know that they are being looked after. Since programs and computerized systems are now heavily in use, it is not difficult to form automated text messages to respond to certain queries. Even if a customer texts to gain certain information, the company can send out a computerized automated text response telling them that their query is being looked into and the company will get in touch as soon as it can. This helps in forming a bond with the customer and increases their loyalty towards the company. If a customer responds to a text message of a company, an automated response can be sent letting them know that their reply has been received and they have been gifted a special discount.



When it comes to marketing, mass text messaging is one of the most effective and interactive methods to engage with customers fully. From sending text message via shortcodes to sending personalized messages, SMS marketing can attract customers in a short span of time. Not only is it cost effective but also saves time by targeting a large number of people at the same time. A company can make categorized groups of its customers and send out text messages in batches. With this method, text messages can be personalized to make customers feel special. No matter where a person is, a text message can reach him/her instantly without the need of an internet connection which is why it is mainly preferred as a communication method by companies. It is easier to send out information with just one click and target a large audience through it.

Why do you need a mass text message service?

A service for sending mass texts is essential for marketing your business, since bulk SMS is one of the most overlooked, and most cost-effective way to reach customers with marketing messages.

Who provides mass text message service for business?

Mass texting is not available on most cell phone apps or from cellular service providers, however there are a number of third party providers such as Express Text who provide bulk SMS options for businesses and advertisers.

What is the best mass text message service?

Check out the options and features of different services and see what will work best for your business. For example, Express Text provides a full-featured platform with great customer service, and you can start with a free plan and scale up.

How do I start using a mass text message service?

You can start sending mass SMS and MMS messages today by signing up for a free plan with Express Text and start sending bulk messaging to your customers. You can track response rates with powerful analytics and decide when and how to scale up your marketing outreach.