Mass Text Messaging for churches

church mass text messaging

Big data reports show that 35% of Americans attend mass weekly and 80% to 85% of churches and ministries are in a decline or a plateau. One of the many reasons why so many don’t go to church anymore is because churches are lacking in creative ways to engage their congregation spiritually. Mass text messaging for churches can help solve that problem.

Some would rather turn to alternative ways of solving their frustrations than rely on their church, thus, making spiritual services quite irrelevant. Fortunately, there are new ways you can use to continue thriving in this age of religious decline.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Identify what type of church-goers you have in your area right now
  • Ask for their permission to receive text messages or emails from your church
  • Use communication tools like mass text messaging for churches to reach out
  • In your contact list, sort your members into groups according to the types of service they may need (guidance on marriage, spiritual frustrations, etc.)
  • Create a strategy to increase church engagement
  • Establish metrics that you can use to measure your success

Ready to take your church on a new level? Here’s how you can use SMS marketing to drive church growth.

Keep your congregation “in-the-know”

Keep in touch with the straying but also keep the loyal ones even more interested. According to Pew Research, 3 in 10 American Christian adults are highly involved in their congregations, while 58% are at medium-level and the rest fall into lower levels of involvement.

If you have an upcoming outreach event, send out a text message about the what, when and where. It’s always a good idea to encourage your members to volunteer because it’s more fulfilling and challenging than just inviting them to join your group.

“Alert: Do the Lord’s work with us as we serve our town this Fri, Sat, and Sun! Assembly starts at 10 AM in front of the CICM Missionaries. Reply YES to confirm attendance.”

 Automatically send text reminders with your SMS marketing platform. Send follow-ups like:

“Event is now ongoing! Don’t forget to head straight to the info desk to sign up.”

A thank-you-note:

“Thank you for joining us in our event! We hope to see you again soon.”

Customized messages for different groups in your church

 What’s so great about mass text messaging for churches is that it allows you to divide your contact list into groups however you want.

For example, if you have a group in your congregation that you identify as devout practicing Christians, you might want to announce when is your next recollection going to be. This group is also likely to open to the idea of receiving donation requests via SMS. You can send a text asking them to make a donation to a member’s funeral or to your religious services.

 Share kind & wise words to feed the soul

 Keep the fire burning in your members’ hearts by sending out quotes that can inspire and motivate them to keep going. You may lift verses from the Bible or share your own words of wisdom. Not only will this remind people of their faith, but can also give them some positive vibes they need to brighten up their day.

Armed with the right words to say and tools to get it out there, your congregation would be happy to know that you’re making efforts to get them involved in your works and services.

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