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Mass text app: send out promotional text messages

Mass text app is a platform used by businesses to send out promotional and other text messages to a large number of users simultaneously. It enables businesses to increase their customer base, improve customer loyalty and keep a track of consumer satisfaction.

The reason behind the growth of mass text app is the Generation Y. Also known as millennials, this generation includes everyone born between 1976 and 2000. This age group holds importance in this field because they have grown up surrounded by technology, from TV to the internet and smartphones. Technology has enabled these people to be involved more in the buying process. A Mass text app helps to bridge the gap between the user and seller. This is why businesses should care about the preferences of millennials; they have money to spend, influence the buying process and recommend the brand if they like it (Intelligent Contacts).

In the last decade, there has been a rapid increase in the use of mass text application. More and more businesses have begun to opt for it especially as a tool for marketing due to its numerous benefits. Surprisingly, mass texting for business comes with very few downsides. It is the first of its kind to target a mass scale audience and still be a personalized form of marketing. On top of that, it is more affordable than most types of marketing! Along with being easy to use and flexible, mass text marketing proves to be more effective than even billboards and TV advertisements. Where companies used to spend millions on such campaigns, even well-established businesses are now resorting to mass text marketing. This is because the life of millennials revolves around technology and smartphones. It is reported that around 6 billion text messages are sent every single day (One Reach). This means that businesses can directly and individually reach customers so text message marketing is timely and efficient. News of flash sales and discounts can most effectively reach customers through text messaging. Customers are more engaged and also aware of the buying process through the use of mass text application. However, statistics also show that only 48% of businesses currently offer text marketing services. This is quite a low number considering 79% of customers prefer to have SMS support which cancels out the risk of failure.

To set up a mass texting app, there are no capital costs. Almost all companies outsource this method of marketing by setting up accounts on web based texting platforms. All that is required is typing out and sending text messages to the target audience. The only labor that is required is if a company sets up an SMS system for which it would require skilled customer representatives to cater to the needs and issues of customers.

The uses of mass texting app are not only limited to marketing. These extend to polls, surveys, feedbacks and much more. Mass texting is popularly used by nonprofit and organizations outside of the corporate sector as it is a useful way of connecting with users anywhere and anytime.


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