Marketing Campaign: improve your reach and engagement


You’ve been running a marketing campaign for some time now but it seems like you’re not making any progress.

If you’re trying to learn how to improve your marketing campaign, pay attention to these tips.

Create buyer personas

A buyer persona represents your ideal group of customers. You can identify who they are through the data you’ve collected about your existing customer base and market research.

Your buyer persona should describe all important things about them like their likes and dislikes, troubles, solutions they seek, buying behavior, etc. This will help you split your customer base into groups and each will require a different and much focused marketing strategy.

So, if you have buyer personas, you’ll be able to target high quality leads that really care about your business.


Identify which channels work best for your customers

Running a marketing campaign on multiple channels doesn’t automatically translate into higher returns. It could be due to the fact that a portion of your target customers don’t even go to some of your channels or they’re unresponsive at least.

Find out where your customers usually hang out and supply the appropriate content to keep them engaged. Do they frequently visit your page on social media? What type of content do they read or watch? Are they more responsive on SMS vs email?

In short, what channels will be more useful to your customers?

Set your trigger points

Trigger marketing is an effective strategy to improve your customer’s journey. Now that you have buyer personas and appropriate marketing channels, the last thing you need to do is to get the word out there at the right time.

If you know your customer’s journey very well, identifying the trigger point(s) should be easy. You can set up a trigger marketing campaign between discovery and conversion (e.g. email subscription) to encourage customers to come back or complete their purchase.

If they have indeed bought something, you can send a follow up through SMS or email with a valuable offer like a private sale invitation or discount coupon.

Don’t forget to test every effort you make to identify which campaign should be thrown out of the window and which has the potential to help you achieve your top goals.