How to send a text message from a computer

how to send a text from a computer

Don’t know how to send a text message from a computer? Don’t fret because you’re finally going to get some clear answers!

Texting from your computer is affordable, easier and faster than how you would do it on your phone. AND, you can avoid those embarrassing autocorrect fails and sending text messages to hundreds or thousands of subscribers at once.

So, here’s how to send text messages from your computer and kickstart your SMS marketing campaign.

Sign up for a web based texting service

Find a web-based texting service you can sign up for to on the Internet. Many offer their services in tier-structured plans that you’ll have to pay monthly.

Each plan is designed to meet certain business needs, from small to enterprise. Some also offer custom package plans for businesses that require a higher volume of text messages per month.

For example, smaller businesses may find a Starter plan with 500 messages, 1 keyword and 1 short code per month just exactly what they need at the moment.

Upgrade to a higher tier plan whenever necessary.

Send a text through your SMS website

Next step is to create a content plan based on your text-to-join strategy. SMS text is a permission-based marketing effort, so make sure to let your customers know first of your business texts.

Before launching a text-to-join campaign, prepare your keyword and mobile short code.

See example below:

“Reaching us has never been easier with our text messaging service. To receive exclusive updates and offers, please send ‘JOIN’ to 123456. Data charges may apply.”

Here are a few other strategies you can check out:

  • Send out mass emails
  • Share a memo among your team members and managers
  • Advertise it whether on print (flyers and magazines), Facebook, or radio
  • Add it to your email signatures or voicemails
  • Post on social networking sites

Onboarding – welcome message and auto-replies

 Once new subscribers start coming in, set your replies on automatic mode.

“Congratulations! You’ve successfully subscribed to our SMS list. To opt out, text “STOP” to 123456.”

 When you try to learn how to send a text message from a computer, it also pays to take advantage of the free trials on offer. This will help you determine which platform suits you best, whether you have the technical know-how or not for more advanced or basic plans.