How Cloud Telephony Can Level-Up Your Marketing Game?

To be honest, marketing is a challenging game to play. In the digital age, when every business is online, and the customer attention span is shorter than ever, it can be tough to stand out, make your voice heard, and get your products and services seen by the prospects.

Thankfully, well-planned efforts mixed with a bit of creativity and innovative solutions still work wonders and can make your campaigns stand out. Cloud telephony is one such innovative solution that can help you take your marketing game to a next level.

Take Lenskart, India’s leading eyewear retail chain, for example. The brand prominently displays its unforgettable toll-free number 1800-111-111 on top of its website and in all of its marketing campaigns. Its unique number has become synonymous with Lenskart brand providing higher brand recall rate and giving customers throughout India an easy and instant way to connect and buy eyewear online.

In this article, I will walk you through five creative ways to use cloud telephony solutions in your brand marketing. Let’s get it on:

How Cloud Telephony Can Level-Up Your Marketing Game

Improve ads performance with a toll-free number:

Like most businesses, to get traffic to your product and service pages, you must be relying on a combination of online plus offline advertisements for your brand marketing along with search engine optimization of your website.

You pay a lot on ads and have probably tried all the hacks under the sun to improve the performance of your ads. Well, there is one more hack that you might be unaware of: Using a toll-free number in all your ads.

Research suggests that advertisements with a toll-free number bring about 30% more orders than ads without a toll-free number,” noted MyOperator, a leading cloud-telephony company.

When your customers see an 1800 toll-free number in your advertisements, they will not only recall it better but also see your brand as a more caring and reputed one.

Do you know advertisements with a toll-free number bring about 30% more orders than ads without a toll-free number?

Due to a better recall rate and its “freebie nature,” a toll-free number is a powerful marketing tool. Still, not all brands are using it.

If you start using a toll-free number in your ads, you indeed get a chance to stand out with your marketing campaigns, increase your brand recall rate, attract more customers, and boost revenue.

Provide customers with a preferred way to connect:

Providing adequate and satisfactory customer support at each stage of the sales cycle is very important to make your marketing strategy work, retain existing customers, and attract new ones.

In the age of the internet, most businesses rely on chat, email, and social media support options to provide customer care. While all these means of connecting with customers are excellent, they can never replace the traditional and most beloved mode of customer support, i.e., phone call.

As per the BrightLocal report titled “Local Business Websites and Google My Business Comparison Report,” 60% of customers prefer to connect with local businesses on the phone call.

Since most customers still prefer to connect with businesses on the phone, a business phone number is a must-have for your business.

For your business, you can get a cloud-based virtual phone number. It allows you to map a mobile number of yourself and your agents on one single number and use that in all your business cards, contact pages, and other marketing material. With a virtual phone number, you can attend unlimited calls with a combination of automated voice response and routing calls to available agents.

By making your business contact number readily available to your customers, you can allow them to connect to you with their preferred channel and trust you as a brand.

Collect customer feedback on the phone:

Asking customers how they feel about your brand, products, and services is a crucial element of a customer-centric marketing strategy.

First, it makes your customers feel valued and heard. Second, it gives you genuine insights into the image of your brand in your customers’ minds and how you can improve it.

If you are using emails and long forms for your customer surveys, you might be missing reaching out to many customers, thanks to your emails landing in either spam or promotions tab! Also, not all customers will be interested in filling a lengthy questionnaire.

You might ask if there is an easy and exciting way around to reach customers for feedback.

Well, I’m glad to break out to you that there is one option available — IVR phone surveys.

With outgoing IVR calls, you can reach thousands and millions of customers on the phone, ask them questions through a pre-set IVR menu, and gather their response and feedback through voice recording or keypad inputs.

While customers can miss your emails, they are least likely to miss your calls.

Qualify and nurture your leads with IVR:

As a marketer or business owner, you know very well that not all business leads are created equal! That means not all people and companies are the right customers for your offerings.

All the leads that you generate, you have to segregate between “qualified” and “non-qualified.” This segregation process, called “qualifying leads,” involves many questions that your prospective customers need to answer.

Every business has limited staff. For a small team of sales and support staff, it can be tough to follow the qualifying process for a massive bunch of leads if there is no automation in place.

With the IVR menu, you can automate a big chunk of your lead qualification process. In your IVR menu, you can set a list of pre-set lead-qualification questions that your customers need to answer before they are connected to the real agent.

If you have an existing contact database, you can use an outbound IVR solution and ask questions through IVR. Based on the IVR response, if the prospect qualifies, the call can be connected to the agent in the concerned department. If the lead doesn’t qualify, a thank you message can be played, and the call can be disconnected. A similar process can be followed for incoming inquiries.

Qualifying leads through IVR makes sure that all your agents spend their precious time talking to customers who are the right fit for your products.

Missed call marketing:

For years, missed call marketing has been a popular hit in enterprise marketing. Today, thanks to the affordability of cloud telephony technology, missed call marketing solutions are not only accessible to a handful of big companies but all kinds of businesses, be it a small business, a bootstrapped company, or a medium-sized enterprise.

Different businesses use missed call numbers to let their customers connect with them by giving a missed call on their marketing campaign number. As soon as customers give a missed call, they are sent an SMS with a relevant link, and their contact number is stored in the database so that the sales and support team can reach for follow-up and convert callers into customers.

A few creative examples where different brands ask you to give a missed call to get you onboard for a targeted action include:

  1. Give us a missed call on 1800-XXX-XXX to download the app.
  2. Give us a missed call on 1800-XXX-XXX to schedule a test drive.
  3. Give us a missed call on 1800-XXX-XXX for a personal loan.
  4. Give us a missed call on 1800-XXX-XXX for product inquiry.

Now, think about what you want your customers to do with your business. What action do you want them to take? What benefits your products and services are offering them?

Once you answer those questions, you can get your missed call number and start your own missed call marketing campaign to get your audience onboard.

Conclusion: Cloud telephony can level-up your marketing

Cloud telephony is a boon to business communication and provides innovative, affordable, and simple ways for businesses to connect with their customers and forge extraordinary relationships.While there is no fixed marketing approach that works for every brand, feel free to get started with the above solutions. Using the above cloud telephony solutions with your marketing efforts, you can be sure to take your marketing and brand growth to the next level.