Group Text: Tips and Features


Would you rather send a Group Text to reach all of your subscribed customers at once or would you rather text all them one-by-one?

Group texting has a number of etiquette rules everyone should follow to keep things under control. Group text offers a lot of ways to reach your subscribed customers.

So, here are the top 4 rules you should follow.

Schedule a group text Message 

Your customers lead a very busy life, set a specific time and date when everybody has to make time plans. Off-days like Saturday and Sunday are a great time for a group text just to remind your customers about discounts, special events, and news.

Stay on Topic

When sending a group text make sure to stay consistent with the type of content you are sending via text.

If the goal is to promote an upcoming event at a local bar or nightclub, then share relevant information, location, hours, host, music and more. If you simply want to carry on a regular conversation with some of your customers, you are better off sending them a private message instead.

Text to Join

Next step is to create a content plan based on your text-to-join strategy. Group text is a permission-based marketing effort, so make sure to let your customers know first of your plan to send them a group text by having them opt-in.

Before launching a text-to-join campaign, prepare your keyword and mobile short code.

See example below:

“Reaching us has never been easier with our text messaging service. To receive exclusive updates and offers, please send ‘JOIN’ to 123456. Data charges may apply.”

Reports and tracking 

Track all text messages you deliver daily so you can see how much success you’re getting from your marketing efforts. A report can include details about delivery status, cost per text message, date delivered, response rate, and so on.